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Straub Design

The Opportunity


Straub Design is an automated tape application company that engineers custom tape solutions for a vast array of industries. Their innovation to enhance a company’s foundation using state-of-the-art tape technology makes Straub Design a valued partner. Yet their unmatched expertise in-house was not effectively portrayed online. Instead, their outdated website inhibited their ability to compete in the increasingly competitive market.

The website did not match the modern standards, including mobile design, expected by their customers, lacked the SEO (search engine optimization) practices necessary to compete online, and did not have the functionalities to accurately display their new product lines.

Straub Design had the industry recognition and leadership to advance, yet they needed a website to support their growth goals. After recognizing this setback, Staub Design came to Evolve Systems after receiving a personal referral. Our capabilities to help meet a client’s goals by developing their online presence using specific strategies unique to their business is well confirmed by our clients. A mission that we prove to Straub Design throughout our ongoing partnership.

The Solution


To begin, Evolve Systems hosted a discovery session with Straub Design to formulate the details of their current operations, identify areas of opportunity, and establish a mutual understanding of their goals. This discovery session provides the information needed for the Evolve Systems team to construct a comprehensive digital strategy.

To enhance Straub Design’s position in its industry, Evolve Systems created a new logo that represented the key attributes of their business. In addition, Evolve Systems developed brand guidelines to provide consistent implementation of the new branding.

Evolve Systems developed Straub Design’s website to align with the standards of their business, audience, and search engines. It provided an online platform that could connect with visitors through relevant content and engaging display while also following SEO best practices. The website was designed to evolve with Straub Designs expanding business including their broadening product lines.

In order to develop the foundation of Straub Design’s sales process, Evolve Systems introduced a new customer relationship management (CRM) system. The Evolve Systems team helped set up their new workflows to manage each phase of their unique sales funnel as well as created branded communication templates. To streamline the process, Evolve Systems integrated the new CRM SharpSpring, a dynamic and customizable system, with Straub Design’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

After the development of the new website, Straub Design continues to partner with Evolve Systems using progressing website support through Evolve Care and ongoing marketing strategy and execution through a monthly marketing retainer. Evolve Care is a monthly review of the website to ensure it is functioning to its optimal performance, such as updating plugins and security features. The marketing helps grow and support Straub Designs business, such as crafting press releases for new product releases and implementing stronger SEO practices. Evolve Systems worked closely with the Straub Design team to both lead and listen to ensure a successful outcome.

The Result


Within 6 months of the website launch, Straub Design’s sales through the website were 4 times higher. In addition, overall sales were up by 58% within the first year of launch. The immediate increase in sales demonstrated how the website was designed and developed to meet the needs and expectations of their targeted audience while focusing on search engine rankings.

Yet, Straub Design’s understanding that websites and marketing require ongoing attention to maintain dependable business growth allowed Evolve Systems to continue improving the site and marketing plans, specifically through SEO. Through both website and marketing efforts, Straub Design tripled its business within 4 years.

Even with the pandemic, Straub Design continues to meet their growth goals by increasing their sales by 60% within the first 6 months of 2020, as compared to 2019.

When we started working with Straub Design, their website had a domain authority of 20 as determined by Google. Today their domain authority has more than doubled to 45. In addition, Straub Design’s website experienced about 250 to 350 new users each month in 2015. As of May 2020, new website users have consistently increased by around 125% each month compared to 2015.

The website development established a successful foundation for Straub Design to build their online presence using engaging branding and a powerful yet flexible platform. Using ongoing digital services, it allowed Evolve Systems to further develop and customize their website and marketing strategies that supported the growth of Straub Design’s business.

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