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Updating Their Online Store for a New Product Launch

YESS! is a team of incredible leaders directed by Sue Hawkes who offer business consulting and speaking engagement services as a certified EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) implementer. YESS! is highly engaged in their community of professionals that seek to improve their business and personal performance. To ramp up sales for Sue Hawkes’ new book and line of merchandise, they needed a partner to magnify their online store.

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Professional Services


The Opportunity

Developing a Comprehensive Ecommerce Plan


Through Evolve Systems’ mutual employment of EOS®, a holistic business model also known as Traction, and its impact on how we serve our clients and craft our recommendations, YESS! selected Evolve Systems to spearhead their project.

With the release of Sue Hawkes’ new book, Chasing Perfection: Shatter The Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success, and the new line of their Unf♥<kwithable® merchandise, YESS! was on a short deadline to get their online store updated and ready for the launch. While their current ecommerce platform was hosted on a private website, they needed to transfer the online cart to the YESS! website.

Based on their goals, we recommended focusing on these main ecommerce enhancements:

  • Moving and updating the shopping cart platform and customer experience
  • Optimizing product details and page information
  • Enhancing the site’s functionality to support the store
The Solution

A Phased Approach to Meet a Quick Deadline


Through responsive collaboration, Evolve Systems was able to move through our process quickly to accommodate YESS!’s timeline.

Phase 1: Background Research & Back-End Site Changes

  1. Moved the shopping cart built-in WooCommerce to the YESS! website
  2. Conducted SEO research to compile a list of high-performing keywords specific to the new products as well as the brand as a whole
  3. Optimized product details with keyword-rich and on-brand titles, descriptions, and additional information
  4. Transferred the site to Evolve Systems’ hosting for improved customer service and hosting performance

Phase 2: Online Store Customization & Development

  1. Added 15 new products with detailed variations (color, size, etc) and optimized copy
  2. Established a skew system for the products for order tracking and inventory management
  3. Enabled shopping cart functionality including shipping information, coupon availability, and Minnesota sales tax
  4. Customized the shopping experience to match the website’s theme and customer needs

Phase 3: Final Testing & Collaboration

  1. Enabled the gateway to properly integrate their payment processing
  2. Performed backend maintenance updates including plugin and core updates
  3. Conducted a thorough QA process to test the functionality of the online store including a test checkout
  4. Revealed the online store to the YESS! team for final approval

After approval, the updated online store was launched!

The Result

YESS! Received an Astounding Increase in Online Sales


The phased approach resulted in a quick ecommerce transfer and update to meet YESS!’s deadline. The personalized store optimized for SEO and user experience elevated their ecommerce conversions resulting in increased sales.

When comparing the online store the year before YESS! partnered with Evolve Systems to the year after the partnership, YESS! saw a tremendous increase. With previously only a handful of sales, they’ve had dozens of orders each with multiple products which has led to a significant increase in net sales from the ecommerce store.

Net Sales




Items Purchased



Having the capability to sell products directly from their website equipped YESS! with the means to expand how they engage with their targeted audience while increasing profit. After the ecommerce integration was complete, YESS! continued their program with Evolve Systems through a monthly website maintenance plan for regular updates and functionality checks.

“At YESS!, we believe effective communication and leadership delivers success. They’ve helped us with our online store while delivering results on short timelines. They have a responsive and positive approach, and we’ve enjoyed working with everyone on their team.”

Sue Hawkes CEO, YESS!

Together, We Can Achieve Your Goals