Additional Information and FAQs

What makes Evolve Systems®™ different?

Simply put, it’s our 5-Step Process and our people.

  • You’re never getting bounced to a junior level team member. The team that sells you your project is involved throughout the duration of the project.
  • Our team works in a collaborative and agile environment. Our small team of experts allows us to problem solve and address client challenges and opportunities quickly no matter what part of the project process clients may be at.
  • We like to celebrate. When we successfully launch and execute your projects, we are celebrating right along with you. When you win, we win and we want to be right there with you helping to uncork the champagne and bring energy and excitement to every project we touch.
  • We follow Traction for process. We diligently work to follow the Entrepreneurial Operating System from EOS Worldwide. The Traction process and Agile Development system provide the structure to deliver projects and customer service on time and on budget.
  • We are integrators. We do custom work and we do it well. However, reinventing the wheel is not always the best solution for clients. We know what integrations, modules and plugins are going to bring game-changing right-fit solutions to clients.

Will Evolve Systems®™ develop a site for all web browsers?

We will develop a responsive site that meets the most commonly used browsers and devices to date. Once we start working together, your sales representative can provide a current list of browsers and devices your project will be optimized for.

Will my website be mobile and iPad friendly?

Yes, every website we launch is responsive, which means the content will restructure itself if it’s being viewed on a mobile device.

What type of operating system do I need to use to make updates to my website?

You only need a computer, web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome and others will work just fine) and an internet connection.

Can I easily change the graphics on my website?

Yes, the entire graphic layout of your site can be updated at any time without purchasing a new website. While most content and image updates can be done by someone with very little technical knowledge, changing our entire template or website architecture does require some programming skill. You can contract Evolve Systems®™ at any point in the future to integrate a new template. If you would like to see some before and after screenshots, please contact your sales representative.

Will we own the source code once our project is completed with the Drupal CMS?

Yes, you own and have access to all of the source code for your website.

Do I need to host with your company or can I use a different hosting company?

You are free to host your website anywhere you would like. However, be aware that your site may have unique hosting requirements in order to function properly. Hosting with Evolve Systems®™ makes it easier for us to provide technical support because we have access to all of the necessary information and servers. Check out EvolveDomains for more information on our hosting options.

What method of communication does the Evolve Systems®™ development team prefer we use to ask about updating our system?

We have set up a dedicated HelpDesk as a communication point for all of our clients. Our HelpDesk can be reached by phone or through Evolve HelpDesk. We ask our clients to send work requests and trouble tickets through the HelpDesk. The work is then evaluated, clarification sought, and then the work is assigned. The HelpDesk provides a great portal for this communication.

How will you communicate with my company?

We use Constant Contact as our main method of communication for server updates, software enhancements and training opportunities. When a contract is generated, the primary contact is requested and their e-mail address is added to our database. Multiple people can be added to the list from companies to ensure the updates are effectively communicated with your business. We ask that our newsletter, called the E-Review, be read each month as it does contain vital information for your online marketing efforts.

Is it easy to make a back-up of my website?

Yes! Backing up your site database is an extremely simple process that takes less than five minutes, yet it protects all of the work you have put into your site. We highly recommend backing up your site before and after doing any site maintenance, as well as regular monthly backups to a remote location such as your computer or a storage device. We also recommend a back-up before and after each software enhancement to ensure your data is fresh and can be easily restored with the latest software revision. If you should ever need to restore a backup, you can have the backup on your site with only a few clicks. For backing up your site files, we can assist you in using FTP to backup those site files to your local computer. As part of our SLA, we can provide a remote backup of your data for a monthly charge.

Can we use Flash applications in our website project?

Flash is not recommended because of security issues, compatibility issues and other reasons. We can explore alternate solutions.

Can I add Google Analytics to my website?

Yes, in fact we recommend doing so.

What is “keyword content?”

Keywords are the identifying words that a potential website visitor would type into a search engine to find your products or services. On the internet, content is king and it is critical for search engine recognition that your copy be written not only for your visitors, but also for search engines. This is a vital part of your online marketing and if you would like assistance in professional copy writing, please ask your sales associate.

How do I get my website #1 on Google?

SEO is a very intricate part of your website. While there is no guarantee anyone can get to the first page of Google, we offer many unique tools that are inherent to the system which allows the search engine spiders to crawl through your site and pick up keywords. Adding meta tags, keyword rich content and social media are just a few important aspects. You can contract with Evolve Systems®™ to perform your SEO needs.