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Just How Important is Content in Websites?

Have you heard the mantra “content is king” before? There’s a reason this term is thrown around constantly in the web community. When re-tooling your website or creating a new one from the ground up, great content should be one of your guiding principles. Steve Olenski who is a regular contributor to Forbes, detailed the importance content plays in today’s web-centric world:

Think of content as the draw. It’s what sets your corner of the internet apart. Creating engaging website content is more important than ever. It’s a key part of marketing.

Steve Olenski

Although content is a huge part of your internet presence, engaging design is arguably just as important. Content and design work hand-in-hand: on-brand, SEO optimized content draws the user to the website while design facilitates engagement. Have you ever found yourself on a website you have never heard of while reading engaging content, but get hit with pop up after pop up, poor usability, or eye-straining design? We all have.

A quality user experience (UX) can easily take your content to the next level and allows audiences to intuitively browse your website, taking the actions we want them to take. Additional metrics for quality UX are you website’s returning visitors and how often your content is shared with the world. Imagine your website is a house and the content is all of the furniture and amenities inside. Without content, the house is of little use. Without the house, the content is just an idea. They are both equally important to promoting your online identity.

When you start thinking about creating your website, don’t get hung up on which to start with first: design or content. They are both equally important to the website and can help each other greatly throughout the design and build process.

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