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Just How Important is Content in Websites?

Many have heard the old standby, “content is king.” When designing a website, this should be one of your guiding principles. Steve Olenski, a contributor to Forbes, described the important role that website content plays in today’s digital age best in this 2017 article.

“Could you imagine what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat would be if they didn’t have content?,” Olenski wrote. “There would be blank spaces that no one would visit because they have no need to.” Think of content as the draw. It’s what sets your corner of the internet apart. Creating engaging website content is more important than ever. It’s a key part of marketing.

Speaking of marketing, website content has effectively revolutionized the digital marketing industry.

While your content is what gets readers to engage, your website design is what keeps them coming back. Here at Evolve, our Design and Development teams refer to this as User Experience (UX) and it’s guaranteed to give you the tools you need to set your website apart from the crowd.  In this regard, content is king but your website is the kingdom. One cannot exist without the other and both are equally important in promoting your online presence.

According to Digital Doughnut, great design and superior content is a winning combination. With the advancements of technology, design’s role of creating an engaging website presence is really just as crucial as content. For example, more and more people are accessing media with mobile technology. Without a mobile-friendly design, you could lose tons of potential traffic and even customers.  Creating a website that easily works on mobile devices should be a priority for anyone hoping to launch a business online.

When you start designing a new website, do you start with design or content? Each are equally as important. Our Designers take a collaborative approach to content. Once the sitemap is created, we engage with content. After all, design is a vehicle for the message. The best content is born when there are synergy and collaboration between design and content. Great work doesn’t happen in silos.

Some may argue content takes precedence whereas others will emphasize that design is more important.

Envision your future website and make lists of what pages you think it should have. Now, take those content concepts and overlay them with what you’re looking for in a website design.  By thinking about content and design as a symbiotic pair where one cannot thrive without the other, you eliminate the debate of which is better and you’re on the way to a great website.

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