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Top Motivations for Manufacturers to Start Marketing Consistently

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The Ultimate Manufacturing Marketing Guide

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a major shift in the market. Digital marketing for manufacturers is becoming progressively more important. Instead of traditional, in-person sales events, there is a higher reliance on your website and online tactics. A change that was happening even before the pandemic accelerated the shift.

For you to keep up with the evolving market and competition, you need to start using digital marketing plans for your manufacturing company. This free ebook will provide you with new marketing ideas and growth strategies for successfully adapting to the new market.


of manufacturers have small, one or two-person marketing teams that serve the entire company


Of manufacturers rated themselves as having a sophisticated marketing team

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Fill out the form below and we will send you the free manufacturing marketing ebook.

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    How to Market a Manufacturing Company

    The Top Motivations for Manufacturers to Start Marketing Consistently addresses the pressing needs manufacturers around the U.S. are facing. How could your business benefit from the following digital marketing strategies for manufacturers? The guide will provide you with the background and actionable steps to make it a reality.

    Your sales team could use assistance

    Your website is a 24/7 salesperson - are you utilizing your website to give sales a bump? Whether it’s an online store or a clear lead generation plan, your website can increase your sales.

    Grow faster with connected sales and marketing activities

    Sales and marketing teams tend to operate in silos. When connected, it improves internal communication which in return, can generate more revenue and enhance customer relations.

    Align your in-person brand with your online presence

    You’re personable and trustworthy, that’s why people like working with you. Does your website look and sound like that? This guide can help identify how to align your brand to sound the same online as it does when someone calls you.

    Increase your EBITDA

    Are you considering a business transition to sell or exit? By understanding your business goals, your agency of choice can help increase the value of your business by improving your brand, website, and online sales funnel.

    Manufacturing case study

    How an Automated Tape Application Manufacturer Uses Their Website to Increase Sales

    Following a business-specific and goal-oriented strategy, Straub Design experienced a tremendous increase in their online traffic and website leads – proven growth strategies for manufacturing companies. They were able to refresh their site to market their products and services and follow ongoing marketing strategies that elevated and supported their sales efforts.

    When we compare the 6 months before their website refresh to the first of 2021, we see a significant increase in website activity.

    • 37% increase in Total Users
    • 83% increase in Direct Traffic
    • 30% decrease in Bounce Rate

    “We have worked closely with Evolve Systems for over 7 years to facilitate a variety of marketing objectives including the continuous improvement of our website, upgrading our CRM system and developing a strategic marketing program. We value Evolve’s commitment to our business and consider their support to be a key contributor to our growth.”

    Paul Ebnet President & CEO, Straub Design

    Your Manufacturing Marketing Agency, Evolve Systems

    At Evolve Systems, we are a full-service digital, creative, and technology agency that is driven by the passion to evolve our clients’ businesses. As a manufacturing marketing agency, we’ve helped grow manufacturers using our suite of digital services, including branding, website development, and marketing. We use data-informed and business-specific strategies to provide you with a ROI and ROT (return on time).

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