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Top-Rated Marketing Tactics for Top-Dollar Exit Planning

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Exit on Your Own Terms

The Marketing Guide to Exit Planning for Middle Market Businesses

Are you planning to exit your business in the next 5 to 10 years? As visions of a vacation-style retirement or new business endeavors become closer and closer, it’s time to create an exit strategy. And a critical part of any business exit strategy for middle market businesses is marketing.

Marketing is what drives sales, improves enterprise value and cash flow, and grows your business; the more you market strategically, the better your selling prospects will be. With a clear digital marketing exit strategy, you can sell your business at a price that’ll fund your dreamed future.

In collaboration with Julie Keyes, Certified Exit Planning Advisor and founder of KeyeStrategies, we’re offering a free marketing guide when planning to exit your business.


years minimum is recommended to start your exit marketing plan


of businesses fail due to cash flow problems¹

Download Your FREE Guide

Fill out the form below and we will send you a free Exit Planning Marketing Guide with 5 tactics for developing your exit strategy.

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    You Can’t Have a Business Exit Strategy Without a Marketing Strategy

    When thinking about your business exit strategy, your marketing is directly related. Investing in an exit strategy focused on digital marketing, you can take your business to the next level and next price point.

    Buyers Expect You to Have a Marketing Plan

    A successful marketing plan confirms you’ve invested in growth and value strategies that will continue even after you’ve exited the business.

    Proves Dependable and Consistent Profitability

    With marketing, the number of leads or sales doesn’t hinge on a ‘luck day’; instead, your sales funnel is steady, qualified, and measurable.

    Mitigates Risk During Unforeseen Events

    With strategies and processes in place that build enterprise value, you can protect yourself against high-risk events, including the 5 D’s.

    Differentiates the Owner from the Business

    Marketing allows your business to stand on its own instead of relying on the reputation as the owner to sell your services or products.

    Take control of your future and retirement

    Selling Your Business in Today’s Economy and Competition

    “There are roughly 11 million baby boomers who currently own small businesses in the United States. Yet, the “tsunami” of exits has yet to occur.”
    Julie Keyes, Certified Exit Planning Advisor


    How do you increase your business’s worth compared to the numerous other middle market, baby boomer business owners retiring and all the other owners selling, too? The key is using goal-specific, strategic marketing.

    1. Marketing builds enterprise value
    2. Enterprise value increases selling power
    3. Selling power attracts buyers with bigger budgets
    Baby boomer man and woman shaking hands with a buyer

    “Nearly every owner I have ever worked with said they wanted to get top dollar for their business, yet most of them don’t have the proper growth and exit strategies in place that would warrant a top-dollar offer.”

    Julie Keyes CEO, KeyeStrategies

    The Middle Market Partner for Your Business Exit Strategy Marketing Plan

    We’re a full-service digital, creative, and technology agency that is driven by the passion to evolve our clients’ businesses. We help grow your enterprise value as you prepare to exit your middle-market business in the next 5 to 10 years.

    Using goal-specific strategies and our suite of digital services, including branding, website development, and marketing, we are your marketing partner for a successful transition.

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