Pay Per Click (PPC) and Paid Search Services for B2B Businesses

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign services

Evolve Systems® offers paid search for companies located and operating in Minneapolis/Saint Paul and companies that are global. We help drive traffic to business websites, no matter their location.

Traditional search, while an extremely critical and influential part of your marketing, can take time to see an uptick in traffic to your website and will require boosting for optimal performance, so you will also need additional marketing activities to drive traffic to your website in the meantime. The solution? Activating a paid search campaign.

If you are looking to boost your online traffic and visibility, creating a pay per click (PPC) campaign is the quickest and most effective way to do so. Paid search advertising is a controllable and cost-effective way to earn top ranking spots on Google, Bing, and other search platforms where your target audience spends time searching for products and services. But it is not just about driving more traffic to your site, it’s about driving the right traffic to your site. Making sure you get targeted traffic to your site will lead to reaching your ideal customer and increase ROI.

At Evolve Systems®, our team is specialized in paid search advertising, and within a day we can create results. We utilize Google AdWords to build a unique campaign tailored to your company’s B2B goals. If you want your business to get noticed and to jump-start traffic for a new or existing product or service, contact Evolve Systems®. We also recommend checking out our SEO services for long-term web visibility.

Our PPC process

You will work with our SEO and marketing team to develop a paid campaign to build brand awareness and generate traffic to your site in order to jumpstart your customer base, leading to more customers and conversions.

The first step of our process is discovery, which means we want to learn more about you as a company and examine your current paid campaign activity, if applicable. By understanding your company’s personality, vision, and goals, it allows us to determine how to effectively set up your paid search campaign. We use that information to define the correct approach and budget to reach your audience and achieve your goals. We work together to personalize your benchmarks and then we implement actions to achieve them.

The next step is to begin building your custom PPC strategy. We will conduct extensive research to identify keywords that are reflective of the behaviors and trends demonstrated by your targeted audience. We also examine your website and your competitors to establish high ranking keyword trends and performance. With this information, we create a comprehensive plan based on data-driven results.

If you are already using our SEO services, we will use much of that data to strategize PPC implementation for a quicker process. If not, that is okay! Check out our SEO page for more information on how it can benefit you, beyond PPC.

Step three, the part we have all been waiting for! Using best practices, we will run your ads during the optimal hours and in the optimal geographical location(s). We will use relevant call to actions (CTA) that encourage your audience to click on your ads.

We do not consider activation as the end goal because recurring engagement may be the single most important user behavior you can support. You want to continue to nurture and engage that customer and lead so they want to keep returning. We use remarketing data and strategies to bring customers back to your site to maximize brand relationships and ROI.

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What sets Evolve Systems® apart from other Twin Cities PPC agencies?

Evolve Systems® is a full-service digital marketing agency with an in-house, specialized paid search and SEO team. This means your company works with a team experienced specifically in paid search for AdWords, Bing Ads, and social ads. We use a team of passionate data-driven paid specialists that will help you make an impact in your marketplace. If you are ready to start driving more traffic to your website, contact Evolve Systems® at 651.628.4000 today and get started!

At Evolve Systems®, our PPC services will provide a(n):

We understand making headway in specific industries can be tough, so as part of our initial research, we will run a competitor analysis to see what and if your competition has paid ads and the products/services they are advertising.

We will track the ads created on a regular basis, working to remove negative search terms to narrow the search and reach your ideal demographic.

We will help build your new campaign in AdWords by adding approved copy and adjusting the run times and budget to make the process simple and familiar.

We analyze keywords that work for your products and services that have strong search volume and then work with you to finalize a list of terms that address your products and company needs.

  • Display Advertising – We can create banner ads and rich media ads utilizing images, videos, and audio, based on your specific needs.
  • Remarketing Ads – We can run targeted ads through your Google AdWords campaign that can engage previous visitors with product showcases and reminders.
  • Bing Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads – We can run ads through Bing, similar to Google AdWords. As Bing increases in popularity, it offers a more affordable opportunity to extend your audience outreach.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads – If your product or service is social in nature, Facebook and Instagram offer the opportunity to reach your potential customers in their feeds.
  • LinkedIn Ads – LinkedIn advertising allows businesses to reach a very specific type of audience. If business professionals are your target market, then this is a great platform to advertise on. We’ll help you create campaigns for B2B company outreach.
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