How do I grow my Minneapolis-Saint Paul Based Business with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

To not only advance as a business but to excel as one, you need top digital solutions, specifically a ranking website. Our focus at Evolve Systems® is to make your website show up in search engine results.

Evolve Systems® specializes in business to business (B2B) SEO solutions in the Twin Cities market

For nearly two decades, Evolve Systems® has built a company that creates business solutions for the digital world. Like our slogan, we “Adapt, Act, and Evolve” by embracing new technology. As search engines like Google and Bing improve their methods for search result placement, we do the same by staying up to date on the latest trends. We continue to educate our staff through SEO and marketing trainings and conferences and test new SEO tactics on our own sites before adding them to our clients’ websites.

If you are a Twin Cities business trying to increase your online growth in both leads and sales, then Evolve Systems® is your digital partner. From spas to law services, and circuit boards to cheese curds, we have worked with a wide range of industries to grow their brands. Put our SEO web marketing skills to work!

Evolve has your search engine optimization experts

An outstanding website does more than just market; it educates, inspires and informs visitors. These things create value, and value is what retains visitors. Pair that with an easy to navigate website, and visitors turn into customers. By developing valuable content, your company can start building its brand into a recognized name, further growing in the marketplace and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

A significant contributor to valuable content is SEO-rich material. Our SEO specialists work closely with our content writers to develop strategic content to boost rankings. Content is not just important, it is critical. The right content makes a huge difference, and we understand that. 

Whether you are looking to increase page views or convert website visitors into customers, our team uses exceptional SEO strategies to produce content for your blog, service pages, social media platforms, and landing pages that will help you acquire more form submissions, RFQ’s, and sales. We are proven experts at developing creative content that engages customers in the B2B marketplace and keep them on your site longer. Let us help you transform or create valuable content using SEO strategies. 

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What is search engine optimization or SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the science of getting certain pages or a website to rank higher in search engines, such as Google or Bing. When someone is looking for something, they typically type it into a search bar and then view the pages that are ranked higher on the returned search results. Search engines use specific algorithms to scan websites and rank the more relevant results for the user’s search. SEO utilizes techniques that align with these algorithms so when the SEO-rich website is scanned, the search engine ranks it as a reliable and relevant source. The higher your page is ranked on the search engine results, the more likely it is to be viewed.

A page can show up on a search engine through paid ads or organic search results. Paid ads are run through a targeted campaign that costs money and are typically located at the top, side, or bottom of the search results page. Organic search results show up from the SEO content that is physically on your site’s pages that corresponds to the searched subject. It is what the search engine crawlers (smart, little robots) deem relatable and helpful to the search.

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We can help your business move to the next level

We’ve helped different companies in different industries grow locally and nationally. No matter your company’s size, we can help find a solution to grow your online presence.

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40% of 2018 holiday sales were on a phone
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75% of all searchers never go to page two
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46% of all Google searches are local

An inside look at our SEO process

Keyword research is often the starting point when it comes to an SEO project. Keywords are popular terms or short phrases used in searches. There are a few different aspects of keywords we look for:

1. We will analyze the keywords already on your site that currently rank in search engine results.

2. Then we will look at which keywords your competitors are ranking for in order to discover opportunities for improvement.

3. Finally, our team will look for potential keywords that your targeted audience is searching for. From there, our specialists will start identifying which terms have the greatest searching potential and determine what existing content can be optimized and/or created.

After keywords are established, our team will apply them to the existing underperforming content to maximize its SEO value. Some of the more common SEO techniques that are frequently missed include optimizing URLs, incorporating keywords into metadata, using alt attributes to describe images, and updating meta tags and title tags. These components coincide to the organic search algorithm by ensuring the site is recognized, comprehensive and trustworthy

Keywords and smaller on-page SEO tactics are the first steps in establishing search engine rankings, the next steps are building powerful website copy. Depending on the situation, this could be updating existing content or creating new material like white pages, case studies, and on-page content. Since search engines place a premium on quality content, it is important to look at the existing search results for similar pages and analyze existing content. Creating relevant and accessible content that the viewer can quickly find greatly boosts user experience and is an intricate part of building a successful campaign towards higher rankings.

Landing pages, though associated with paid search and marketing, still play a role in the SEO world. Keyword clusters and optimizing for different traffic sources help landing pages become a key component of your online marketing campaign. They capture specific market segments and promote services that a regular page might not, while driving sales and capturing leads.

With voice search becoming more prominent in our everyday lives (“Alexa, where’s the nearest gas station?”, “Siri where’s McDonald’s?”), so does optimizing for local SEO, or optimizing websites for location and product information to increase ranking. One study found that 58% of all Americans ages 18-65 have used voice search to find local businesses in 2019, and that number is growing. Voice search is conducted in a question and answer format which is changing the way traditional optimization is approached on the web. To compensate for this, your company needs to be properly added to local directories and have a comprehensive Google My Business and Bing Places page to help drive geographical traffic to your site.

Another contributor to ranking are backlinks, external website links, hyperlinks, and internal website links. Obtaining and using high-quality links is an SEO best practice because it promotes quality pieces of content and builds relationships with directories, forums, and other websites.

Social media can affect your search engine optimization in a few different ways including increasing online visibility, growing website traffic, expanding brand recognition, optimizing link building, and improving local SEO. The goal of social media marketing is to create additional platforms that promote and direct consumers to your business to increase sales and leads. Social media gives your company more opportunities to showcase products and services, ultimately to build your brand.

When you start working with Evolve Systems®, our SEO team will first run through website analytics. This will give you and the team a breakdown of the areas in which your website is performing well and areas that need improvement. We’ll also dig into your analytics (if available) to better understand how visitors are using your website and determine additional opportunities. Need to set up analytics on your website? Follow these steps or contact Evolve for our SEO services.

We’ve all heard of asking for the sale, right? Many sites are built to be visibly appealing, but without a call to action (CTA), there lacks a next step for the user to take in order to consume the product or service. A CTA can range from filling out a form, giving the company a call, or purchasing a product. Regardless, the CTA encourages a next step along the sales cycle.

Based on your site and company needs, adding semantic markup like schema is another option our team can utilize on your website. This markup makes it possible for search engines to understand the on-page information your site is trying to convey. Some common types of schema include breadcrumb schema – listing the path links that lead to the current page in search engine results, and local business schema – allowing your local business or branch to show up for consumers when searching in a certain geographical area.

Local and mobile SEO for Twin Cities businesses

Whether you want new customers or simply want to revitalize your existing portfolio, we understand the hurdles that your company has to overcome in order to achieve online success. Using personalized and proven SEO tactics will improve your website’s ranking among organic search results, thus increasing visits, conversions, and sales on your website.

Evolve Systems® specializes in SEO search rankings with our local business SEO methods. Our experts utilize and create on-page content, newsletters, social media marketing, and of course, behind the scenes work to optimize your website. We design and strategize a plan around the latest algorithm updates and develop a customized strategy using current techniques that will drive visitors to your website and out-rank the competition. Evolve will work with your team to find the necessary SEO services to meet your short- and long-term business goals.

Contact us to put our SEO and B2B web marketing skills to work for your business.

Invest in local SEO to help your company grow

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50% of users visit a store within a day of a local search

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78% of local mobile searches result in an in-store purchase

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72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location

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88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations

What makes Evolve Systems® different from other Twin Cities SEO companies?

Evolve Systems® is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers SEO as its own in-house service. This means you work with a company who has a dedicated team that specializes in data-driven SEO tactics and a passion to constantly improve. We can make a real impact on your market. If you’re ready to optimize the online presence of your business, contact Evolve Systems® at 651.628.4000 today and get started.

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