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Website Planning Template

Designed for easy business planning

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If your business needs a new website, wants to revamp your current one, or something in between, you’re in the right place. As technology evolves and search engine requirements change, it’s critical to evaluate how well your website supports your business. And when your site no longer aligns with your goals and services, it’s time to start the website planning process.

That’s why we created our website planning template. It helps businesses, like yourself, know how to get your website up and running in the right direction.


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How to strategically start your website project plan

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    How to Plan a Website Upgrade for Your Business

    The website planning template will guide you through each phase of your website project plan with questions on what considerations, steps, and decisions are needed. This is the proven website planning process our team follows when preparing for a new website project.


    First, you need to establish the “why” behind your website program. Determining the purpose of the website will drive a goal-oriented process that will lead to results that your business wants.


    An analysis of your company’s background and information provides an understanding of how your website should portray your brand, engage your audience, and compete in your industry.


    Before building a website you need to establish a comprehensive understanding of how the site should look and feel and what functions it needs to accomplish while all pieces flow together.


    Detailing what the site should incorporate ensures the pages are specifically created around your targeted audience and what they want from your site to offer a positive user experience.


    Domain security and website maintenance are not glamorous but the technical maintenance of your website’s performance and upkeep is key to keep your site up and running smoothly.

    Real-world website planning example

    Get Results From Our Website Project Plan Template

    SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance is a playground repair and consulting company that refreshed their website to automate their sales process and ramp up their online store. Following the same questions outlined in the template, we developed a comprehensive and business-specific website project plan that established long-term website results, including:

    • 194% increase in website leads
    • 40% increase in organic search traffic
    • 83% increase in average session duration

    “Evolve keeps things simple. They bring a personalized approach to our website and marketing strategies so that the agreed-upon plan aligns with our current business needs and opportunities. With Evolve, we have a partner at every pivot and need. They have the people and experience to get things done.”

    Marissa Bauer Owner and President, SafetyFIrst Playground Maintenance

    Take Your Website Project Plan To the Next Level

    Developing a website takes time and effort to guarantee the final product fulfills your initial goals while contributing to the overall success of the business. For a strategic partner in putting your website planning template into action, get in touch with our website team at Evolve Systems.

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