We Are in Business to Keep You in Business

We are in business to keep you in business. Small-to-mid sized businesses are our niche market.  Websites and Apps, Digital Marketing and SEO, Merchant Processing and Payment Solutions are all within our technology wheelhouse.  Our focus is all about managing technology changes to grow businesses and help you Adapt. Act. and Evolve. with online sales, payment and marketing solutions all while providing you with outrageous customer service!

What We Do

Our Core Values

We have a commitment to you and each other to; continue innovating, creating easy access to technology, communicating with transparency, use process for repeatable success and give back to our community.

Our Commitment to Excellence and Our Community

Since our inception it has been important to participate in and give back to the Twin Cities’ community.  We network, join organizations, sit on boards and spend time volunteering in our community.

What Our Customers Have to Say

We’ve been fortunate to have some of the very best clients.  It’s important for us to take the time to really listen to what you need and what you want and make it happen.  We truly appreciate the kind words our clients have to say about us.

How We Create Business Traction®

As a company within the technology industry, we are committed to process and project management to deliver the results that get you noticed. We diligently work to follow the Entrepreneurial Operating System® from EOS Worldwide.  The Traction® process and Agile Development provide the structure to deliver projects and customer service on time and on budget.  We like this structure so much that we look for clients that follow these processes as well. When we approach a website project as a quarterly ‘Rock’ and communicate on regular basis you benefit as a client and we benefit from a strong relationship with great communication.



Our ‘Why’

We are in business to keep you in business.  Really!  It is that simple.  We love technology, problem solving and team work.  What better business is there to be in? Our commitment to you and your business is to identify the right solutions, implement them timely and within budget and support your needs with awesome customer service.  How does that sound?


Agile Development

Being agile means being able to move quickly and efficiently, which is why at Evolve Systems we practice the Agile Project Management method. Using Agile enables our team to complete tasks in iterations, while regularly reviewing things as a team to make sure the project stays within scope. We value communication and high-end results, and practicing the Agile method allows us to deliver that for our clients.  Let us show you how we could work on your next project.

Company History

We’ve been around awhile, since 2002 in fact. In those 15 years we’ve learned a lot and met some great folks in the Twin Cities and nationwide. Many of those great folks have decided to stick around and call Evolve Systems, home. We are proud of that fact and want you to take some time to get to know them. We’ve worked hard on our communication and organization. We’re committed to the EOS Traction system of management. We make continuous education a priority, because everything is changing so darn fast.

Finding a Technology Partner That Puts Your Needs in the Forefront

Building relationships and partnerships helps to make every day seem less like work and more like fun.  We know you are committed to running the very best business you can.  We assure you that is our intention as well.  You can count on us or we’ll help you find the technology partner that can help you.  We are passionate about making access to technology easy and even fun.  Does that sound nerdy?  Well, that’s because most of us are tech-heads.

Meet The Team

Make sure your business is Evolving

We are committed to sharing our knowledge, training our customers and building our relationships in the community.  From our beginnings as a family business – we just seem to keep growing our family as we strive to remain connected, transparent and honest in the way we conduct our business.

Evolve Systems has adopted a clear approach for our sales opportunities to bring clients the best technology options available. We call it our 5 step strategy.  It is a clear path for us and our clients to ensure attention to all the right detail and a commitment we make to our clients and ourselves.

Our 5 Step Process

Our process is tried and true. We follow it and it works. Read more on our 5 Step Process.

Project Management

From the handoff from Sales through the launch of your site, our project management and Basecamp services keep everyone aligned for success.


Events, Open Labs, Training, Help Desk, our Blog – we could go on and on.  We have Resources galore.


Step #5 of our process is all about Support – check out our Evolve Care website maintenance programs.