01. The Opportunity

Evolve System’s relationship with Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) began over 10 years ago with projects such as PDA Navistar and PDA Crownhill Packaging. Through these opportunities, PDA has recognized Evolve Systems as their Go-To technology partner. So, when Wayfair needed a software solution to expedite their process of ordering products from PDA, Evolve Systems was PDA’s first choice.

The main challenge that PDA Wayfair experienced was their inability to efficiently place orders online. PDA needed to update their systems and integrate technology to facilitate an e-commerce platform. This new platform had to be easy for the end-user to navigate and for orders to be approved and reviewed by managers. While doing this, it also had to provide clearly defined information to update Wayfair purchasing agents and a way to deliver reports, with filtering options, on-demand.

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02. The Solution

Our solution to their situation was to build a custom web application, using Open Cart as the base platform, with B2B customizations while simultaneously updating their purchase order programs.

We created a site that allows each purchasing agent to view materials available to them for purchase and that automatically generates weekly reports that are sent to Wayfair managers. The site can also provide on-demand reports that can be dynamically generated with various filters as needed. This easy to use and simple to learn system gives Wayfair purchasing agents, across the country, the ability to quickly get up to speed on the process and begin placing orders.

We used technology to help expand PDA’s services and offerings to better serve Wayfair and grow their business.

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03. The Result

Their new system is easy to use, simple to understand, and allows for a speedier turnover of training which has increased the ordering capacity and has led to a much clearer way of accepting orders.

“Evolve Systems has not only increased our productivity but increased our reputation with our client, Wayfair. Evolve created a system that made it easy to place an order for products and took the time to train our staff members on how to use the system. Being that our client is nationwide, and has many users, Evolve Systems was able to provide training sessions multiple times to ensure that everyone has a firm understanding of the system, and has been very prompt in their responses. Thank you, Evolve Systems, we look forward to continuing to work with you and your team!”

-Kelly Bonnell (COO, BGR)

We plan on continuing to be PDA’s Go-To technology partner into the future, building creative solutions to meet the ever-changing industry in which they lead.

Testimonial by George Strobel
George Strobel
President, Packaging Distributors of America
The system Evolve Systems delivered for Wayfair is the easiest back-end admin system clients have ever used, it has saved so much time and money for our clients.