01. The Opportunity

Say YESS! is a team of incredible leaders directed by Sue Hawkes who offer business consulting services and speaking engagements as a certified EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) implementer. Say YESS! works with organizations seeking to improve their performance by delivering business and personal guidance in order to create valuable and long-term results. Say YESS! is highly engaged in the community that they have built through their reputable and impactful success.  

With the release of Sue Hawkes’ new book, Chasing Perfection–: Shatter The Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success, and the new line of their Unf♥<kwithable® merchandise, Say YESS! needed an online store to promote and sell the items on their existing website. Without previous ecommerce capabilities, Say YESS! required a quick shopping cart option to promptly showcase and sell the merch on the site.

Say YESS!’s motto is to be Unf♥<kwithable®, which is to be “truly at peace and in touch with yourself, where nothing anyone says or does bothers you.” As a business that promotes growth, confidence, and leadership, Say YESS! needed an equally Unf♥<kwithable® online store. 

Through Evolve Systems’ mutual understanding of EOS®, a holistic business model also known as Traction, which pilots how we build our recommendations to ensure our digital strategies support the client’s business, Say YESS! selected Evolve Systems to spearhead the project.

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02. The Solution

Through responsive collaboration, Evolve Systems was able to swiftly move through our process to accommodate for Say YESS!’s timeline. 

The SEO team at Evolve Systems researched and analyzed Say YESS!’s website and industry to compile a list of high-performing keywords that would increase Say YESS! search ranking while adding value to the website’s content. Using the approved keywords, our copywriting team created the product descriptions and titles that developed the brand’s voice while adhering to SEO best practices. The product descriptions provided another touchpoint to grow Say YESS!’s goal of building a devoted and enthusiastic brand following. 

Meanwhile, the Evolve Systems’ development team integrated WooCommerce, a modest yet dynamic E-commerce platform. The team added the products while implementing ecommerce best practices, such as product ordering and shopping cart process, to guarantee a positive user experience. Last, the ecommerce integration went through our quality and assurance process to test the performance and functionality of each aspect of the online store. 

In addition to implementing the online store, Evolve Systems provided additional website maintenance to improve the overall website experience, including updating modules, cleaning up the backend and frontend, and adding a newsletter page. These updates improved the site effectiveness which contributes to the success of the store.

03. The Results

The quick implementation of the online store provided Say YESS! with the opportunity to elevate their business and foster a community for brand loyalty. The SEO-copywriting permits search engines to discover and rank the store while the seamless integration of the store enables users to effortlessly browse and purchase merchandise. 

The ecommerce functionality further promotes the website to a platform that supports Say YESS!’s holistic approach to business development. Having the capability to sell products directly from their website equips them with the means to expand how they engage with their targeted audience. Evolve Systems understood that it was not a simple store, but an extension of the Say YESS! model to exhibit leadership and build a community.

Evolve Systems is excited to contribute to the development of Say YESS! by furthering fostering our partnership as their digital agency.