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We are excited to announce that Evolve Systems acquired Snap Agency effective July 1st, 2024, merging our efforts, teams, and clients under one brand name. Stay tuned for more details!

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Donald Raleigh

Donald Raleigh professional headshot

About Donald Raleigh

Donald began his career in the United States Army. He graduated from the US Army Infantry School, Amphibious Warfare School, the Defense Language Institute, and the US Army Military Intelligence Interrogation School. After he left the military, having been deployed overseas in support of the First Gulf War, Donald joined Corporate America. He has served as a certified systems engineer, a certified trainer, and a SCRUM Master. 

Since the company’s founding, he has led the technical team at Evolve Systems, focusing on security, resilience, and customer satisfaction. He is responsible for setting the company’s technical direction and choosing the platforms we use to provide services to our customers. 

He is a proud father of 4 children and has always prioritized spending time with family and helping to set his children up for success. When he is not working, he enjoys studying history, especially US Politics, and reading meaningful books.



Favorite Book

Anything from Ken Follett, Orson Scott Card, and Wendy and Richard Pini

Favorite Vacation Spot

The Bahamas; I love to SCUBA dive (open water diving is my favorite), so anywhere with warmer diving spots. 

Favorite Artist

The Beatles