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We are excited to announce that Evolve Systems acquired Snap Agency effective July 1st, 2024, merging our efforts, teams, and clients under one brand name. Stay tuned for more details!

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Branding Services That Bring Your Business to Life

How your audience first sees and connects to your business is through your brand; it’s the emotional bridge between your business and your audience. Emotion, whether we realize it or not, is at the forefront of our decision-making process. This is what makes your brand one of the most powerful aspects of your business. When it’s carefully crafted in alignment with your purpose, your brand has the ability to build value, trust, and loyalty.

At Evolve, we take a unique tried-and-true approach to branding. In order to ensure your brand fits your vision and is poised to meet your business goals, we go through a Brand Discovery and Audit, provide you with a team of experienced brand advisors, and develop your brand with your business growth goals in mind.

Evolving Your Branding Process

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Brand Audit and Discovery

All of our branding programs start with a brand audit and discovery session. We work together to uncover the pieces of your brand such as your background, values, voice, and competitive landscape. Our goal is also to hear from you regarding your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses so we can better evaluate your brand and identity areas of improvement.

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Experienced Brand Advisors

We anticipate your needs before you know you need them. We’ve been in this field for a long time and we use our experience to give you a return on time (ROT). Our experienced designers and full creative marketing team provide expert guidance and strategic direction in order to craft a brand that achieves your business goals.


Paving Your Way to Growth

You’ve spent years building a business you are proud of, and we help present that passion and quality to your target audience. We keep your business goals in mind as we work to uncover the key pieces of your brand such as your values, goals, and voice. As your distinct brand identity comes to life, you differentiate yourself from competitors and build brand loyalty.

Branding Services To Help Identify Your Branding Goals

As outlined in our five-step process, branding is the first step in setting the stage for a successful website and marketing program. We offer three types of branding services to meet you where you’re at and where you want to go.

Brand Development

Brand development is for businesses that are in the process of identifying who they want to be, but don’t know how to start building their logo and brand identity. You might be experiencing a merger or acquisition or just starting out. Whatever it may be, we will guide you through our branding process to create a tangible brand identity.


Your business will evolve over time and your brand should do the same. A rebrand is a process of rediscovering who your business has become and where you want to go. Whether your main clients have changed, or your brand just doesn’t feel modern anymore, our team will strategically evaluate and re-identify your business.

Brand Alignment

Sometimes your brand properly represents your business, yet you experience inconsistencies across different channels or departments. This is often a result of not having clear brand guidelines. That’s where brand alignment comes in. We bring all of your brand components into a cohesive brand guideline in order to rejuvenate your business and create a consistent brand.

Logo Development

A logo is the first visual element people see relating to your business. It’s a symbol that defines who you are, what you do, or the general tone of your business. When done well, it grabs the audience’s attention, makes an impactful first impression, and separates you from competition. When a logo reflects your brand accurately and professionally, you have a strong base for the rest of your brand identity and establishing brand loyalty.

Brand Standards

Brand standards — including brand pillars and brand guidelines — are a set of rules that define how a brand should be viewed and represented across different mediums and platforms. They provide consistency between visual elements of a brand — such as logo usage, typography, and color palettes — as well as outline how others view and refer to your brand. This ensures the brand remains cohesive, easily recognizable, and memorable. With strong brand standards, your business can create a cohesive and memorable experience for your audience.

Assets & Collateral

Assets and collateral are the visual materials that your brand uses to communicate your identity both internally and externally — such as business cards, stationary, packaging, digital assets, and marketing materials. These materials help build brand awareness across different channels and ensure each aspect of your business is portraying a cohesive identity.

Does Your Brand Represent Who You Are?

At Evolve, our team of branding and marketing professionals work with you through our five-step process to uncover the pieces of your brand that best speak to your audience. Our strategic, design-focused approach, and feedback from our clients help to achieve a new brand identity aimed in highlighting the most important elements of your brand.  Are you ready for branding services?

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Why Evolve your Branding with Us?

Successful branding can build your business to new heights. Evolve is proud to support your growth with the digital marketing and print assets you need most! If you are unsure what marketing materials you need or how these products can help grow your business reach out and let’s have a conversation!

"We have a real brand now, and we couldn't be happier!!!"

Henry Cox Operations Representative, Fello Logistics

"Working with the team at Evolve has been such a pleasure. Their communication, tools, and reporting are above and beyond. Also, their customer service and responsiveness are top-notch. Oh yeah, and the results speak for themselves. Excellence all around - and a bonus, they are local and in our backyard. Thank you Evolve Team!! I appreciate partnering with you and our Orchards community as well as the other Ebenezer communities we support together."

Kirk Goetz Corporate Marketing Consultant

“Nearly every owner I have ever worked with said they wanted to get top dollar for their business, yet most of them don’t have the proper growth and exit strategies in place that would warrant a top-dollar offer.”

Julie Keyes CEO, KeyeStrategies

“Evolve Systems' partnership has made a big impact in the strategic growth of our web presence, taking our vision and bringing it into reality. We have peace of mind in knowing we're supported in the day to day, and we have a valuable resource when we need creative solutions. We feel confident Evolve keeps our website running at peak performance to help us drive bottom-line growth.”

Mandy Bastyr Marketing Manager

"We are proud of our new website and its ability to promote and support our mission to end Veteran homelessness in Minnesota. Your understanding of the nonprofit and Veteran sectors allowed us to trust the process and see real results in our community. A big thanks to the Evolve Systems team!"

Shaun Riffe Director of Development

“Not only do the people at Evolve Systems give back to their clients by providing great web development and merchant processing services, but they also give back to the community. They are a great company to work with.”

Eric Tiffany Agent, Tiffany Insurance Agency

“Don Raleigh III is a very knowledgeable resource. Don and everyone at Evolve Systems is on top of their game, and it goes to benefit the end user, which is you! Highly recommend!”

Jeff Anderson Owner, Exteriors Unlimited

“Thank you Evolve Systems for making the tech stuff easy to understand. We are excited by your proposal that will help our group re-brand and re-fresh with a new web presence.”

Erika Dragich Board Member, Minnesota Mortgage Association // Owner, Mega Star Financial

“Knowledgeable staff that leads you through the process. Up to date on what is needed to make sure your site has all the functions you need and also everything the government requires you to have.”

Anita H Sales & Marketing, Seven Corners Print and Promo

“Anchor Paper & its Express Retail Stores have had the pleasure of working with the Evolve Systems team for several years. They are prompt and knowledgable, and have been a valuable resource for our company.”

Brooke Lee CEO, Anchor Paper

“Williams and Hall Outfitters has worked with the Evolve team for several years. Evolve has great people and great customer service. Their response time to our issues is quick, and dedication to our success is strong.”

Kevin Lynch Co-owner, Williams and Hall Outfitters

“Evolve Systems does a great job in sharing their content and being a thought leader in the marketing world. They have a pulse on the industry, and if you are considering a website or marketing project, consider Evolve Systems”

Kate Mudge Executive Director, Hamline-Midway Coalition

“Extraordinary customer service with access to real people who genuinely care. Highly recommend! They make the complex simple and consistently go above and beyond.”

Joe Johnson Founder, Trust Vets

“Our experience at Evolve Systems in design and since has been very positive. They have always made sure our questions are answered and followed up on our satisfaction. We look forward to continuing to work with them in future developments of our mnme.us site to serve MN 'military connected'!”

Ali Alstrin Executive Director, MNme

“Evolve has created two websites for non-profits that we coordinate. The online giving increased 100% once our website was updated. We highly recommend the services that Evolve has to offer.”

Jerry and Jana Kyser Honor Flight Twin Cities, Minnesota Vietnam Veterans Charity

“I have had the pleasure of sitting in on many client meetings with Evolve systems and I am very impressed with their professionalism. They come to meetings prepared and with great ideas as well. I would use them and will recommend them when the opportunity presents itself.”

Angela Bulson Talent Development, Warner's Stallion

“Such an awesome team here at Evolve. They start with your brand, walk you through a branding strategy, marketing strategy and truly set you up for success. They don’t leave you high and dry after setting up the strategy and their follow up is great. I love the company and their staff!!!”

Whitney Emanual Owner, Founder, Whitney Wealth Group

“Professional expertise delivered by a team who really care to make your business more well known, respected and successful. My Marketing spend has seen return on investment much sooner than expected. Highly recommend!”

Julie Keyes Owner, Founder KeyeStrategies

“Evolve is our ongoing strategic partner for SCN Inc.’s digital presence and website. We rely on the Evolve team to respond quickly to our business needs while providing valuable and thoughtful leadership. We’ve worked with their team for many years now, and the responsive communication and wide range of capabilities allow them to respond to our different projects to reflect our manufacturing goals.”

Scott Adams Vice President, SCN Printing Inc.

“We have worked closely with Evolve Systems for over 7 years to facilitate a variety of marketing objectives including the continuous improvement of our website, upgrading our CRM system and developing a strategic marketing program. We value Evolve’s commitment to our business and consider their support to be a key contributor to our growth.”

Paul Ebnet President & CEO, Straub Design

“Working with Evolve Systems has been a great experience! They have made sure they understand who we are, details in what we provide (which can be quite complex), and what our goals are. They provide us great strategies, recommendations, and support to then reach our goals, adjusting each month depending on what’s working and what’s not. We have worked with a few different digital advertising and website developers, but Evolve Systems has been the most comprehensive and organized of them all. I would recommend any company, big or small, to put their trust and business in their hands”

Rachelle Strasburg Corporate Marketing Consultant, Ebenezer Senior Living

“From start to finish, Evolve Systems is a professional team that seamlessly guided us through the process of building our new website, giving us valuable information about how to increase our presence in the World Wide Web.”

Lisa Wallraff Office Manager/Controller, Gunderson Construction

“From merchant process to inventory management, Evolve's technical background helped to improve the function of our online store, improving our ability to serve and sell directly to our customers. On top of that, the Evolve team was incredibly easy and enjoyable to work with. Thanks Evolve!”

Anne Hed CEO, HED Cycles

"Thank you so much! This [website] is completely changing the way we do our business!"

Sharleen Grahn

“We interviewed with two other website companies and felt most comfortable with your team, after going through your process, we think you nailed it.”

Katie W. Office Manager, Gary Anderson Landscaping

“Evolve keeps things simple. They bring a personalized approach to our website and marketing strategies so that the agreed-upon plan aligns with our current business needs and opportunities. With Evolve, we have a partner at every pivot and need. They have the people and experience to get things done.”

Marissa Bauer Owner and President, SafetyFIrst Playground Maintenance

“At YESS!, we believe effective communication and leadership delivers success. They’ve helped us with our online store while delivering results on short timelines. They have a responsive and positive approach, and we’ve enjoyed working with everyone on their team.”

Sue Hawkes CEO, YESS!

“I reached out to the team at Evolve Systems and we discussed a solution that would ensure the [website] core of our system was managed, as well as the front end of our site. As a result, our website is now faster, more secure, and stable. The Evolve tech team is extremely responsive, and I receive a monthly report detailing the work that was performed. If your company relies on your website as its #1 marketing tool, I recommend investing in the WMP to ensure you’re protecting your most valuable marketing asset.”

Sean Sullivan Marketing Director, Redpath CPA’s