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Supporting Those Who Support Others: Minnesota Military & Veterans Exchange (MNme)

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Evolve Systems continues to be involved and committed with the military and veterans community both as individuals and as a company. Our team member’s personal connection with the community extends through Evolve Systems’ services to assist and grow those who contribute to the military and veterans’ space. One of these projects was helping MNme, Minnesota Military and Veterans Exchange, develop their branding and a website to equip their mission to support service members with devoted resources.

MNme needed a rebranding that notably represented who and what their company stood for and in a modern design. Evolve Systems discussed with the MNme team in order to truly understand how they wanted their brand to be recognized and the visions they conceptualized. By using our expertise and collaboration with MNme, Evolve Systems created a logo that was equally bold and welcoming that could visually speak for their organization as a community-driven and supportive organization.

Before and after comparison of MNme's logos

The next step was the design and development of the website. MNme needed a website that curated the resources in order for the targeted audience to easily navigate and locate the services they were inquiring about. MNme’s website is not simply a landing page, it is the tool that enables their mission to effectively reach the audience. Evolve Systems designed a website that encompassed MNme’s brand and functioned to meet their operational needs. The website used a modern design that aligned with the top digital trends while adding unique traits and elements particular to MNme and the military and veteran community.

Screenshots of MNme's website

Evolve Systems is a full-service agency that strives to build partnerships in order to collaborate and guide your branding, website, and marketing needs. We approach each client as a new and exciting project to learn about who they are and how our services can help their business grow.

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