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Evolve Welcomes Three!

Evolve Systems provides solutions for your most complex digital business challenges enhancing efficiency and increasing your bottom line. Our proven 5-step process has been the foundation over the past 17 years. Our clients walk through each step of strategy, design, build, marketing and support to ensure a successful project launch.

Evolve Systems is growing. Most notably known for our award-winning websites, Evolve is positioned to become a leader in digital marketing. One of the largest opportunities for success comes after a website is successfully launched. Creating the marketing strategy and implementing that strategy was a struggle for our clients. That’s where we step in. Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing areas in our industry and we are here for that change! To assist our clients, we have brought on three team members that specialize in all things digital.

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Kate Muggerud
Director of Marketing & Digital Strategies

Kate joins Evolve as the Director of Marketing & Digital Strategies. With over 10 years experience, her digital marketing expertise will be used to help our clients grow their businesses. As a digital marketing expert, Kate helps businesses get exposure online.

Kate’s creative approach to boosting a company’s website presence has earned her awards both locally and on the state level. Most importantly, she specializes in SEO, online advertising, and social media marketing. Kate is a Google Certified Partner, Facebook Advertising Partner, and a member of the American Marketing Association.

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Sydney Harvey
Marketing Coordinator

Sydney loves all things social. She also specializes in social media management with a focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Snapchat. Sydney helps clients grow through social media advertising strategies and engagement.

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Antoine Veronneau
Graphic Designer

Antoine received his Master’s in Art Direction / Graphic Design at ECV Nord Europe in Lille, France. He has been doing design work for the past 6 years with a focus in UX // UI web design. Antoine continues to support the design efforts of our Lead Designer, Ryan Kidder. Together our team continues to be acknowledged by our peers with several industry awards.

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