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5 Resources for Starting Your Analytics Strategy

The following resources provide an introduction to understanding what analytics is and how it can benefit your business, especially while optimizing your digital strategies. The blogs address the different analytics tools, the different key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure, and real-world examples.

1. ‘Evolve Your Digital Strategy: Why Analytics Matter’ Webinar Recap

Evolve Systems hosted a webinar, “Evolve Your Digital Strategy: Why Analytics Matter,” that discussed:

  1. What are the different types of digital analytics, including website, paid advertising, and social media
  2. Why it is important to track analytics for your business
  3. What key performance indicators (KPIs) your business should pay attention to

2. 7 Free Analytics Tools to Improve Your Business

Analytics is a critical component for constructing digital strategies, from website enhancements to email campaigns to social media marketing, and requires the correct tools for gathering and measuring this data. These 7 free tools will help jumpstart analyzing your platform metrics and start advancing your business efforts.

3. Getting Started with Google Analytics

Is your business using Google Analytics? Learn how to start a Google Analytics account and start tracking essential and comprehensive data about your business’s online activities. Gain insight into your audience, learn about your customer’s journey, the performance of your website, and more!

4. How Google Tag Manager Can Benefit Your Website Analytics

You can’t have Google Analytics without Google Tag Manager! This tool makes tracking and collecting data from your business website straightforward and effective. For example, some of the key data points that Google Tag Manager will collect are the number of PDF downloads, scrolling behavior, form submissions, and more!

5. The Top KPIs to Measure for Email Marketing

From sending monthly newsletters, promoting a new product, or sending abandoned cart follow-ups, email marketing is a useful method for expanding your business marketing achievements. In order to advance the impact of your emails, measuring its key performance indicators (KPIs) will show areas that need improvement and areas that are performing well.

Analytics is an important part of any digital strategy in order to lead to real-world business benefits. It allows you to know what platforms should receive the most resources, efforts that need attention, and how to maximize sales. Analytics is a guide for understanding the true effectiveness of marketing that demonstrates how and where to allocate time and money.

Get in touch with the Evolve Systems team to learn how our analytics expertise can help your business build a digital strategy that delivers.