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5 Way to Increase Website Traffic

As the world shifts online, from ordering curbside pickup from local restaurants to online shopping to pass the day, your business needs dedicated efforts to expanding your website. If you ask any marketer or business owner what they need most right now, they’ll probably tell you they need more customers.

So, how do you get more customers? One simple answer, more traffic to your site.

Below are 5 recommendations to increase traffic to your business website.

1. Advertise

This may seem obvious, but to many businesses, it is an intimidating concept. There are many ways to use ads in an effective yet affordable way, including Facebook and Google ads. Paid search, social media advertising, and display ads are all excellent ways to attract visitors, build your brand with quality online content, and grow traffic to your site.

Yet as digital trends shift, it opens additional creative opportunities for advertisement. For example, social media influencers continue to develop as an effective marketing resource. Brands, from a wide variety of industries, pay influencers that share a targeted demographic to post about their product or service to bring authentic advocacy to their brand.

2. Create Bold and Irresistable Content

An effective approach to creating quality content is to monitor the format, length, and quality of your content across different platforms. Don’t work hard on your spectacular content only to share it with bland packaging which only destines it to be left unread. For example, try changing your weekly news blasts to have more attention grabbing headlines and subject lines or ensure your blog articles address trending industry topics. This will not only have customers and clients reading your important messages, but it will also drive the people to your linked website.

3. SEO is your new best friend

Optimizing your website and content for search engines is a great way to experience an organic traffic increase and target large markets. Optimizing the performance on your website for search engines will increase rankings, ultimately reaching a larger audience and increasing website traffic.

Some examples of website SEO include:

  • Implement site schema to effectively communicate your business information on search engines
  • Optimize your website for mobile screens to align with how your customers visit your website while complying with Google’s ranking factors
  • Increase site speed to meet visitor expectations based on industry standards

4. Use Your LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is a productive way to connect your networks and build relationships to help foster future business or referrals. One of the best places to advertise is right on your audience’s newsfeed. A popular way to gain traction on LinkedIn, and other social media sites, is to use trending yet niche hashtags to further target your audience. By sharing resourceful content, such as educational blogs, it provides additional touchpoint for users to link back to your website.

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5. Continual Site Maintenance

Make sure that when your new traffic comes in, the site is responsive, appealing, and fast. There are many ways you can freshen up and maintain your site to make it more attractive and functional for your customers. A high performing website ensures a positive user experience and encourages a visitor to stay on your site longer.

Some examples of website maintenance include:

  • Test forms
  • Update plugins
  • Perform website backups
  • Check for broken links

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Whatever your industry, business, or goals may be, there are different strategies you can use to increase website traffic, turn more visitors into customers, and adapt your online presence accordingly.

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