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A Digital Strategy that Supports MNCLS’ Law Firm Distinction

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Minnesota Construction Law Services, MNCLS, is not your traditional construction law firm. They are recognized attorneys that don’t just win cases, they help build their client’s businesses. The expertise and personal dedication of MNCLS’ small team proves that larger is not always better. To showcase their notable services, expand their targeted audience, and widely deliver their messaging, MNCLS needed a website and supporting marketing to represent their distinction in the industry. So, they came to Evolve Systems.

Evolve Systems’ first step to initiating a project is conducting a discovery session. During the discussion, Evolve Systems dug deep into MNCLS’ background and business to learn their visions, goals, and setbacks. This information is vital to fully understand who Minnesota Construction Law Services is as a brand and what they want to accomplish in order to create a comprehensive recommendation.

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The project began with a complete brand refresh. The old brand resembled the outdated and stereotypical feel of law firms without showcasing MNCLS’ individuality in the industry. They needed a logo that stood out from competitors to elevate their position and set a model for brand recognition. In addition, Evolve Systems designed brand guidelines and brand assets, including business cards and letterheads, for a complete brand refresh. The new brand compelled people to notice and remember their business.

Next was the website design and development phase. Evolve Systems designed the new website to visually dominate the industry and escape the typically dull law firm look. The new website encompassed the unique personality of MNCLS while using modern appeal. The design incorporated leading UX and UI components to develop a high performing website.

The website integrated the modules and plugins necessary to meet the specific functionalities that MNCLS needed for business operations. The navigation was carefully planned to guide the visitor to their destination for superior user experience while emphasizing important marketing touchpoints along the way. This was supported by the carefully crafted search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting to build MNCLS’ voice.

The new website messaging re-envisioned their previous copy to deliver a personalized experience for the visitor that expressed the MNCLS brand. It showed visitors what MNCLS valued while depicting their leadership and knowledge in the field. In addition, the copywriting incorporated SEO best practices that would not only resonate with visitors but also with search engines. This allowed MNCLS to increase their search rankings and increase its organic marketing to support the performance of the website, including the ability to successfully implement digital marketing.

With the development of MNCLS’ #1 marketing platform, the website, the next phase was to create a marketing strategy that would further advance their brand. This included understanding their current efforts and capabilities to build a step by step plan through a strategic mindset. It took into consideration the different aspects of their business and industry to deliver a holistic marketing recommendation.

Marketing included designing printed ads and flyers, scripting radio commercials, writing blogs and press releases, streamlining website conversions with customized forms, and much more. Each step contributes to the growth and development of MNCLS by ‘evolving’ MNCLS’ digital presence. Evolve Systems’ strategic leadership and execution optimized MNCLS’ marketing through targeted messaging, predetermined processes, and audience awareness.

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The team at Evolve Systems is a talented and dedicated group of experts who strive to contribute their skills to the success of the client. We create a space of collaboration, not only with clients but among the team, to create and implement recommendations that coincide with all of the client’s needs.

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