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Gunderson Construction

The Opportunity


Gunderson Construction, Inc. came to us in need of a new website. Their office manager had previously worked with two other companies that had websites created by Evolve Systems® and knew we could deliver what they needed.

Gunderson Construction’s website did not demonstrate their construction capabilities, it lacked a project portfolio, was not mobile accessible, and it had outdated copy that lacked SEO or Google Analytics compatibility. This created an environment that was not conducive to growing their customer base.

The Solution


We began our relationship with Gunderson Construction Inc. by facilitating a discovery and strategy session to fully understand their business needs.

Our team of designers created a fresh, responsive website that competes for market share within their industry while simultaneously building visibility and brand awareness. Adding information on the site about who Gunderson Construction, Inc. is, the services they provide, their expertise, and what kind of past projects they were associated with, we created a differentiated message that sets them apart.

Diving into their social media, we increased brand awareness and integrated online marketing tools to drive traffic to the new website. We created a strong elevator pitch and defined their target market by identifying their construction areas of expertise. We also helped Gunderson Construction, Inc. update their social media content. The importance of having a presence on social media sites is to raise brand awareness. When asked the question, “If your potential client doesn’t know you have a website, where else might they be able to find you?” Gunderson Construction, Inc. can now answer this confidently and know that their messages are consistent on all platforms. It is essential that a company is represented in all the places their target market occupies.

We were also able to add a page on their website dedicated to their project portfolio. This portfolio showcases their previous projects with detailed information and clearly expresses their construction areas of expertise.

The Result


Updated copy and integrated online marketing tools coupled with the new website helps to drive traffic to the site and produce more leads. Gunderson Construction, Inc. now has a consistent message across all social media platforms and an updated website with new copy to reflect the work they have done and the projects they are set up to work with. Their website is updated with metadata to increase SEO and Google Analytics, touchscreen readiness with buttons big enough to easily be clicked, and an updated logo.

“From start to finish, Evolve Systems is a professional team that seamlessly guided us through the process of building our new website, giving us valuable information about how to increase our presence in the World Wide Web.”

Lisa Wallraff Office Manager/Controller, Gunderson Construction

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