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Evolve Your Brand: Creating an impactful experience from business owner to team members and clients

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When we started Evolve Systems 21 years ago it was overwhelming, exciting, stressful, and so much fun. We gathered a few friends and marketing experts to help create the company’s name and had our first logo created.

Evolve launched in 2003, with a focus on providing backend technical development for advertising and marketing agencies in the Twin Cities. I often joke that Mark Zuckerberg was in middle school at that time!

As we evolved over the years, the tools, services, and demands for digital marketing continued to change rapidly. Our first logo represented us well, and we used it successfully for almost 20 years. But a lot changed in the next two decades and we were up for the challenge of elevating our own brand.

Our team embarked on this journey, imagining and expanding the possibilities of what we could achieve together. It became clear that it was time to live up to our name once again and evolve.

This led to a massive rebrand project, allowing us to do for ourselves what we provide for our clients.

Evolve 2.0

I was surprised at how much fun we had going through our re-brand, because it opened up the idea of who we could be. We learned a lot about ourselves by refining our visual impact and messaging, and enhancing how we communicate with our ideal audiences. It was a big lift! I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t a lot of work, but as that old saying goes, it was worth it.

Evolve Systems logo rebrand before and after

A few hidden gems emerged throughout this rebrand:

  • Our leadership team came together and shared their vision – we dreamed, we innovated, and we set goals.. big goals! (like becoming the premiere digital agency in MN)
  • It empowered us to reconnect with friends to tell our story backed by an elevated “why?”
  • Evolve’s modernized look and feel to became more appealing and impactful
  • Our fresh brand enabled us to reach new clients and expand our reach
  • We got to show off all the fun things we’ve been doing for our clients and gave ourselves a little TLC

We had a great time getting new swag that our team was proud to wear and celebrating such a major milestone in Evolve’s history.

But, we weren’t done yet….

Evolve 3.0

I’m a sixth-generation entrepreneur and the oldest of 4 kids, with each one of us having successfully created our own business.

Spanning over twenty years, my middle sister, Jennifer, has dedicated herself to a career as a contemporary artist, crafting unique and unparalleled paintings. Her journey has led her to establish a flourishing path, where she achieved the distinction of becoming the first American woman to adorn the esteemed Sejong Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea. Jennifer has traversed the United States, showcasing her creations at prestigious Art Festivals and Galleries, specializing in creating custom, one of a kind artwork for art collectors near and far.

With the onset of the COVID-19, Jennifer found herself immersed in the creation of fresh painting collections, creating commissioned artworks, and utilizing the available time to enhance the growth of her enterprise. Establishing JRO ART Design Studio, Jennifer ingeniously transformed her exquisite paintings into textiles, giving rise to wearable art collections that seamlessly blend beauty, comfort, and distinctiveness. Placing paramount emphasis on quality, she formed partnerships with North American manufacturers, ensuring the fabrics employed are of exceptional caliber and sourced sustainably to uphold ecological values.

After the rebrand put Evolve in the mode of evolving our own brand, we collaborated with Jennifer to serve an untapped market we know too well – women in business. How can we help women feel confident representing their brand in professional settings? Traditional corporate swag items seem to stop at logo-printed polos and button-downs. I don’t know about you, but that look doesn’t make me feel my best, and it certainly isn’t how I’d like to fill my professional wardrobe. Women often dress for women, and most basic branded attire ends up in a landfill for lacking style and fit.

We knew there was a better way, so I sent Jennifer our brand standards guide, wished her a wonderful creative time, and let her manifest the Evolve brand as a casual luxury print. She created something beautiful and inspiring that encompassed our brand colors while elevating my wardrobe beyond my wildest expectations – for business and beyond.

Marnie Ochs-Raleigh posing for a photo outside of the Evolve Systems office
Marnie Ochs-Raleigh wearing Evolve Systems branded merchandise

Jennifer has always been ahead of the times, and her creativity and innovation inspired an extraordinary experience for us to grow. Now companies can minimize their logo as the focal point on statement pieces to enable the wearer to dress up the brand with stylish accompaniments that reinforce your visual impact. Delivering quality comfort items with versatility can save the landfills from drowning in rejected clothing, and ensure your team is proud to represent your brand in any setting.

JRO Art’s product range has undergone a captivating transformation, now encompassing delightful additions like home and office decor, featuring items such as occasional chairs with tables, travel collections including suitcases and waist bags, as well as beach towels and an array of accessories, including scarves, among other enticing offerings.

Our team jumped at the opportunity to order custom swag items that fit their lifestyle and tastes. We are proud to have something uniquely branded to our company and cannot wait for the next evolution.

Find Jennifer Rae Ochs designs here.

*JRO designs are dog approved.

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Brand Identity Design Services

Your brand is one of the most powerful aspects of your business. It’s the public-facing side of who your business is at its core. A brand is the personality and identity of your business – the thing your audience sees and connects with when working with you.

We offer three types of branding services to meet you where you’re at and where you want to go. As outlined in our five-step process, your branding is the first step because it sets the stage for your website and marketing programs. We carry your business and branding goals throughout the full process to stay focused and moving forward.

  1. Brand Development – Discovering and constructing your new brand
  2. Rebrand – Recreating and enhancing your existing brand
  3. Brand Alignment – Refreshing your current brand to establish consistency

If you’re ready to take the first step in discovering your brand identity, schedule a discovery session with our team!

– Marnie Ochs-Raleigh