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Evolve’D Project Update From Don Raleigh III

How It All Started

Don Raleigh III, New Business Manager, came up with the idea for the Evolve’D Project after months of discussing the business pains that his network was facing in light of COVID-19 while observing the anguish of systematic racism. Don has always been deeply involved in the St. Paul community and felt that now more than ever, there was a need for help.

When Don pitched the Evolve’D Project idea to the Evolve Systems team, it was met with abundant concurrence. Since then, Don has spearheaded the project providing genuine leadership for both the team and the community. Below is an update from Don on the Evolve’D Project.

Update from Don Raleigh III

Evolve Systems’ community background

I remember when Evolve Systems was first getting started back in the early 2000s. Our founders, Donald and Marnie Raleigh, left corporate America and wanted to create a company that was formed not only to provide great software and marketing services to local businesses, but also support our community. 

As a digital marketing agency in today’s world, it is far too easy for our industry to become dissociated with our roots. That’s why when Evolve Systems was created we laid a foundation to truly help local organizations and businesses by dedicating an entire day to volunteer each quarter, as well as dedicate 5% of all corporate profits to a hyper-local, non-profit organization. 

My first experience in working with Evolve Systems started when my parents pulled me out of elementary school to help volunteer for the team’s “community give-back day” at Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis. I was roughly 10 years old when I was introduced to community service by Evolve Systems, and I have been passionate about lifting others up ever since. 

That experience has brought me to be a mentor for the African Development Center for the past three years where our team has trained over 75 African businesses on how to use websites, social media, and digital marketing to help grow their business. Since the beginning, our commitment to helping our local community and lifting others up has remained a constant; even considering the experiences in 2020.  

Why the Evolve’D Project was created

With the current environment of the nation and events surrounding systematic racism, the team at Evolve Systems came together to discuss how we, a small family-owned digital marketing agency in the Twin Cities, can make a positive impact and help those who are being affected by the tragedies happening in our neighborhoods. That is why we decided to create and introduce the Evolve’D Project. 

The goal of the Evolve’D project is to have minority-owned businesses enter their company for the opportunity to receive a free digital upgrade including branding and website updates. Using our team’s digital and creative skills, we are here to evolve a business’ digital foundation for lasting change. 

To enter, your business must be a minority-owned, B2B business located in and serving the Twin Cities metro area, and have been operating for over 3 years. Your business can enter by visiting the Evolve’D Project page

Help us spread the word!

If you know of a business that meets the criteria and would benefit from receiving this digital upgrade, please consider sharing the Evolve’D Project with them. We would love the opportunity to help a business that deserves to be rewarded for their exceptional services in our local community. It is just the start of doing great things together!

Learn more about the Evolve’D Project!