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Foodservice Distributors Report 2019 Case Study For: Baldor Specialty Foods

Baldor Specialty Foods in the Foodservice Distributors Report

Foodservice Distributors Report 2019

The Foodservice Distributors Report is an in-depth research report including 50 American food distributors. Baldor Specialty Foods ranked number 4 in the report scoring a total of 90 points out of 100 total points. Baldor has over 1,000 farms and partners offering over 1,000 fresh-cut items and over 6,000 other items. Baldor prides itself on providing fresh, local foods straight from the farm to your door with a dedication to their customers, community, environment.

Baldor Case Study: Farms & Partners, Pledge Local, and News from the Farm

There was no wonder why Baldor’s website ranked in the top 10 based on its modern design. Baldor’s website stood out because of its holistic focus on the farms they work with and growing local food. Their value and commitment to the environment and their customers was clearly and beautifully articulated across the site. They had one of the few websites that highlighted where their food came from by showcasing each farm’s products, encouraging customers to “Pledge Local” to join their commitment to providing local food, and offering weekly updates on seasonal foods.

Farms & Partners

The Farms & Partners page gives the customer access to search or explore the farms on a map. From there, you can view the farm page that provides an overview and backstory of each partner and see what products are produced by that farm. Baldor’s emphasis on showcasing each farm, their story, and individual products gives value and appreciation to their partners; furthermore, it demonstrates devotion to their customers proving that Baldor upholds their mission to provide top quality, environmentally friendly, and locally sourced products.

Baldor Specialty Foods partners on their website

For example, the above image shows the map of where each partner is located, and by clicking on one of the markers it shows the name of the farm. The next image shows the dedicated page featuring the farm: Hudson River Fruit. The last image shows the list of products Baldor offers in partnership with that farm. It is simple to navigate and has a beneficial purpose.

Pledge Local

Baldor Specialty Foods 'Pledge Local' website page

Baldor goes one step further in its commitment to providing local food by allowing customers to “Pledge Local” on their site and automatically receive locally-produced foods when the cost is within 10% of their original choice. Baldor makes the process of buying local simple because they take care of the details. By prompting customers to take action and join in their efforts to improve the environment, Baldor creates a community where they not only offer an exceptional customer experience but give that sense of belonging.

News from the Farm

Baldor Specialty Foods 'News from the Farm' website page

News from the Farm is a Baldor-created news outlet offering ‘Weekly Market News’ on what products are in season and other food-related information or tips. The topics are accompanied by beautiful imagery and a link to the product page to make purchasing straightforward. The page also has ‘Commodity Updates,’ or detailed and updated information on each type of produce Baldor sells. It describes the produce’s current market situation, seasonal transitions explanation, and prep & storage suggestions. Baldor makes the information easy to digest and understand while confirming their expertise and knowledge in the industry. Not only is Baldor a source of great food, but it is also a source of top industry information.

Baldor’s website excels at leading the advocacy to improve the environment while maintaining excellent products. Its consistency throughout the site to build a community with an open and caring brand voice and its unique extra services, as highlighted above, promotes brand loyalty. Baldor uses its website not as a simple business landing page, but as a platform to reach their goals and achieve their missions.

The full Foodservice Distributors Report can be downloaded below.