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Foodservice Distributors Report 2019 Case Study: Sysco

Sysco in Foodservice Distributors Report

Foodservice Distributors Report 2019

The Foodservice Distributors Report is a thorough study of 50 American foodservice distributors. The report ranked Sysco #8 and scored a total of 82.5 points out of 100. Sysco is an international foodservice distributor with 332 distribution facilities serving more than 650,000 customers with headquarters in Houston, TX. Sysco goes beyond providing quality food by valuing integrity, excellence, teamwork, inclusiveness, and responsibility.

Sysco Case Study: Recipes, Tips & Trends, and Social CTAs

Sysco has created a dedicated website, Sysco Foodie, that features food recipes, tips, and trends. The website resembles a contemporary food blog that would satisfy any foodie’s appetite and expectations. It features modern imagery, easy search and filter functionality, and is an all-around trendy website.

This website steps outside of the standard foodservice distributors service scope. Sysco has elevated its company, and the industry, by providing a leading-edge source of content that connects with customers on a personal level. Below are some highlights from the Sysco Foodie website.


Sysco website recipes

The Sysco Foodie website features recipes that revolve around the brands and products they offer. For example, the Vegetarian Buffalo-Style Nugget Wrap recipe lists the Raised & Rooted™ Nuggets Made With Plants as the primary ingredient. By creating a recipe around one of their products, it both gives their customers recipe ideas (a valuable piece of content) and highlights one of their products (product visibility/marketing). It shows that Sysco takes the time to consider how its customers use its products and that it wants to be a trusted partner for its customers.

The recipe pages are interactive, allowing the viewer to checkmark the listed ingredients that they have to easily see what they still need. The website also makes saving and sharing recipes on social media simple, therefore encouraging further engagement. At the bottom of the page, Sysco creates even more personalization by bringing a face to their company by crediting the chef who created the recipe with a picture and a short bio.

Tips & Trends

Sysco website 'Tips and Trends'

In addition to recipes, Sysco Foodie offers trending tips, techniques, and inspirations on anything food-related, such as meatless grilling, food waste, and of course, the popularity of pie. The range of topics increases the probability that it will intrigue the interests of different foodies. It also elevates Sysco as a leader in the industry because it shows they are both knowledgeable and up-to-date on food-related information.

An example is their post, “10 Reasons to Put More Plants on the Menu” which explains why plant-based meals are becoming more prominent menu options. They explain the ‘why’ behind this shift that ultimately addresses this dominant change in the industry. This also relates to the previous recipe example that focuses on a plant-based option. Sysco has both adopted the industry shift and placed itself as a knowledgeable leader.

Social CTAs

Sysco social media CTAs

Another noteworthy feature of Sysco Foodie is the highly noticeable call to action (CTA) to visit and follow them on social media. The site showcases their social platforms, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, with appealing photographs and captivating captions. They offer more than the standard icon buttons and instead provide a preview of the content that you would consistently see from their social account. This is evident throughout their website; they frequently include access to their social media, as shown on the recipe page, to increase user interaction.

Sysco, and its extension, Sysco Foodie, maximize its influence in the industry by incorporating other food-related trends into their business strategies, particularly the rise of ‘foodies’ and the demand for quality food content. But Sysco not only has valuable content, their website maintains a clean and simple interface, matching the latest technology standards.

The full Foodservice Distributors Report can be downloaded below.