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Forester Pontoons Launches a New Website Just in Time for Summer so You Can Hit the Water for Less

Forester Pontoon website

For the last 30+ years, Minnesota-based Forester Pontoons has been perfecting the art of pontoon making and pontoon furnishings. This family run company believes integrity is one of the pillars of their success. That’s why they back their pontoon boats with generous warranties.

Forester Pontoons came to us for a website refresh as well as to create their 2019 spec sheet. We created their new website on WordPress, which includes key information about their pontoons, story, and where to find a dealer that carries Forester Pontoons.

A special feature we added to the Forester Pontoons website was the ability for a visitor to see a mockup of a customized pontoon in real-time by choosing a type of pontoon (Fish, Fish-N-Cruise, or Cruise), selecting a boat length (25’, 22’, 19’, or 14’), and then selecting a siding color (white, red, black, or blue). The specifications listed under the mockup also change as a visitor changes their selections.

Forester Pontoons customized pontoon builder

Forester Pontoons customized pontoon builder on the website

The 10 page spec sheet we created for Forester Pontoons includes detailed information about their 3 types of pontoons, furniture, motors, and how to get in touch with them.



Visit the new Forester Pontoons website and view the 2019 spec sheet.

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