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6 Articles on How to Increase Your Website SEO

Website SEO articles

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of implementing actions or rules that allow your website to show up in search results. For example, when someone searches a topic or question in Google they typically will click on the website that shows up higher on the first page because that page is assumed to be the most relevant and trustworthy. This is where you want your site to show up.

Google orders the search results by scanning numerous sites to find a page that they have determined is the best match. You can shape the content on your website to influence what Google reads and shows in search results. The more SEO criteria you follow, the more likely you will appear higher on search engine rankings for relevant keywords and receive more clicks.

Below are 6 resources that will provide SEO tips and tricks to improve your rankings.

Website SEO

1. 7 Quick Ways to Improve Your Site’s SEO

If you are looking for quick wins, here are 7 easy-to-implement ways to improve your website’s SEO. Each serves an important purpose that contributes to the SEO puzzle of best practices. From optimizing for mobile to improving page load speeds, this article touches on why each affects SEO and how to improve it.

Mobile friendly websites

2. What’s Best for My Website? Mobile Friendly, Mobile Optimized, or Mobile Responsive? What’s the Difference?

As mobile devices of all shapes and sizes become abundantly the norm, as compared to computers, the need to adapt to different screen sizes is now a requirement. This article explains the different ways your website readjusts to the mobile screen (mobile friendly vs mobile optimized vs mobile responsive) and what the preferred option is.

Website SSL

3. What Is SSL for Websites?

Another factor that impacts user experience and search engine rankings is security. When your website is secure, your visitor’s connection to your website is protected and their private information isn’t accessible to hackers, which builds trust with your company and provides a positive experience.

ADA compliant websites

4. What You Should Know About ADA Compliance If You Have a Website

Since the creation of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), organizations are now required to comply with certain website criteria to ensure people of all abilities have equal opportunities to the internet. This article outlines the ADA compliance checklist that will ensure your website is both accessible and SEO maximized.

Website speed

5. Why Should I Care About How Fast My Website Loads?

Loading speeds are how fast your website appears when a visitor loads your site. In a world where things are essentially instant, having a website that has a long loading time will cause the visitor to leave the site or have a poor experience. Loading speeds are critical to the success of your website’s SEO because Google takes page load speeds into account in their rankings. This article explains how to check and fix your loading speed

Website SEO photography

6. How Websites Benefit from High-Resolution Photography and SEO Friendly Images

To expand on the previous two points, ADA compliance and loading speeds, this article explains how images can impact and improve your SEO strategy. Photographs and images are extremely beneficial to increase rankings when they are properly utilized.

SEO, while a diverse and ever-changing topic, remains a critical component to improving and maximizing your online presence. These are just some of the tips on getting your website to the top of Google; yet with Google trends constantly changing, it takes a dedicated specialist to develop a good SEO strategy. And Evolve Systems® does just that! Let our SEO team learn, improve, and grow your Google rankings for you.

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