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Chisago Christian School

The Opportunity


Chisago Christian School strives to provide enhanced education and a leading athletic program that supports the student’s development through Christ-centered studies. Ultimately Chisago Christian School creates a community of support and growth that expands from the students to their families and neighborhoods.

Chisago Christian School recently revamped its educational program as well as their school’s overall direction in order to enhance their inclusive ideals. To begin, they renamed the school previously known as Chisago Lakes Baptists School to demonstrate their acceptance of students and families of all faiths. This comes at a continuation of the school board’s ongoing efforts to elevate their status as a leader within the school district.

Yet with the renaming of the school and the dedicated shift in its mission, Chisago Christian School needed a logo that equally represented this improvement. In addition, one of their goals was to attract more student registrations as a result of their overall shift. Therefore, the new logo needed to align with its principles while engaging industry trends to uphold a modern branding standard.

With non-profits as a pillar of focus for Evolve Systems, our team was thrilled to take on this project to develop a new logo that accurately represented Chisago Christian School.



The Solution


Evolve Systems went through its logo development process which first included hosting a discovery session. We worked closely with the school board at the Chisago Christian School to listen to each of their inputs and visions in order to conceptualize how to create a logo that encompassed the students, families, and community that the brand represented. Furthermore, the team at Evolve Systems researched their competitors as well as other schools with similar models to understand the expectations within the industry.

Next, Evolve Systems developed black and white concepts that focused on the logo’s framework. This allowed the Chisago Christian School team to understand how the components of the design impact the logo. Through guidance and collaboration, the final iterations were selected to advance to the next phase of adding color.

The designers at Evolve Systems used industry best practices as well as the input from the Chisago Christian School team to choose colors that would represent the school. This is especially important as the branding colors are a core component of student identity, therefore the colors needed to represent not just the brand but the individuals associated with the school.

As a branding leader and client partner, Evolve Systems finalized a logo that Chisago Christian School was proud of and thrilled to unveil!

The Result


The final logo was a delicate balance of the old recognizable concept and new development to showcase the evolving standard of the school. The color selection aligned with industry standards while escalating Chisago Christian School’s individuality in the field.

In addition, the Evolve Systems design team created brand guidelines to outline the recommended manner of using their new branding. This included the proper way of integrating their logo on different platforms and documents to guarantee the logo remained clear and recognizable. It also addressed the text and colors to ensure all marketing and branding efforts remained consistent to build brand identity across all of Chisago Christian School uses.

One of the most effective ways to publicly promote the revival of your business is to refresh your brand and visually represent your new voice, mission, and values. In the case of Chisago Christian School, with the exciting enhancement of their goals, they wanted a logo that expressed this sentiment to the community.

We think the Chisago Christian School was just as excited to receive the final logo as the Evolve System team was to reveal it!

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