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Midwest Container Systems

The Opportunity


Midwest Container Systems has been providing superior industrial parts for over 45 years. They not only offer industrial supply products and handling equipment, but they deliver the products, prices, and customer service that will boost their customer’s bottom line. Midwest Container Systems is an established company built upon years of respected services and quality solutions, and for this reason, they needed a robust website to support their esteemed company.

Midwest Container Systems was referred to Evolve Systems since they needed a partner that was diverse in branding, e-commerce, and custom website development, as well as merchant processing. The overall design of the website did not represent the Midwest Container Systems brand and lacked the immediate appeal necessary for capturing visitor’s attention and conversions. They were using an outdated website that was not equipped with the functionality to support their business, including the ability to manage an online store specific to industrial factors. In addition, the website was hosted on an unreliable server that could not tolerate the site’s necessary capacity.

Through an exhaustive evaluation of the business to compile a comprehensive understanding of how the website needed to function in order to fully sustain their needs, the Evolve Systems development team outlined the custom structure and details of the website. Evolve Systems accounted for every minute detail to plan, build, and launch a website of equal value to Midwest Container Systems.

The Solution


To start, the Midwest Container Systems website was built on a high-powered website server that could withstand the development and testing stages as well as offer production-ready hosting. This established the foundation for the entirety of the project.

The custom design and development of the Midwest Container Systems website involved a meticulous process of building each aspect to ensure connectivity and performance across the site. The custom website development team at Evolve Systems worked tirelessly to create a website that would elevate each of Midwest Container Systems’ business considerations.

This included the custom connection of the API (application programming interface) between the e-commerce platform and the freight shipping calculator. Since Midwest Container Systems provides industrial products of a vast range in size and weight, they needed a shipping calculator that could effectively quote how much each shipment would cost and transfer that to the customer’s bill. This is critical as standard shipping estimates are only applicable to comparatively small and lightweight products. Evolve Systems developed custom code to modify the shipping calculator to accommodate Midwest Container Systems’ extensive industrial product line as they represent multiple different manufactures.

The e-commerce store needed to display each product while highlighting the necessary information, both on the front and back end, for customers to make an informed decision on critical products. The custom considerations supported a user-friendly checkout process for a quick yet comprehensive experience that captured the details fundamental for processing and managing sales.

In partnership with Evolve Payment, a champion of merchant processing, they implemented the payment process that streamlined payments and centralized management. Evolve Payments, under the guidance of Evolve Systems, analyzed Midwest Container Systems’ previous merchant processing statements to produce recommendations that would implement the best merchant processing solutions specific to their business’ activities, and ultimately save the company money by working with Evolve Payments B2B Interchange Management program. In addition, the team at Evolve Payment was able to recommend the easiest gateway to integrate directly with the new E-commerce check-out process

Each step of the project was closely managed by the Evolve Systems team for continual quality and assurance (QA) review to ensure exceptional performance.

The Result


Within two weeks of launching the site, the average time on page (the average duration that users spend on a single page) was over 5 minutes with an average of 4 pages per session. Compared to the industries average of 2 to 3 minutes per session and 2.5 to 5 pages per session, Midwest Container Systems remains above its competitors. This indicates that users are engaging with the site as a result of the overall UX and UI development and design that caters to the goals and interests of the audience.

The website’s content captures the attention of the visitor while encouraging them to take action to visit another page. As visitors explore the website more, it significantly increases the likelihood of a purchase. The custom design and development of the website enabled Midwest Container Systems to connect with their ideal audiences by accelerating industry best practices for a superior user experience that delivers concrete results.

This is affirmed through the elevated branding of the website that adheres to industry digital standards. The Midwest Container Systems website advertises the business using a unified branding guideline that emphasizes brand recognition. The branding elevates the Midwest Container Systems in the industry through its concise and modernized design.

In regards to merchant processing, Evolve Payment’s expertise in the field along with Evolve Systems knowledge of e-commerce development facilitated an online store from start to finish. This ensured the checkout process was easy to navigate and equipped with the functionalities necessary for quick conversions and calculated quotes. All while guaranteeing the transactions were properly processed to negate unnecessary fees and consolidated through a single system for straightforward management. Evolve Systems ensured that Midwest Container Systems was receiving the most profitable processing solution by managing each step.

The Midwest Container website launch marked a cheerful success for both teams! The Evolve Systems team is excited to grow their relationship with Midwest Container Systems as the partnership moves into the marketing phase to further support their business growth and progress.

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