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Foodservice Distributors Report 2019 Case Study: US Foods

Us Foods in Foodservice Distributors Report

Foodservice Distributors Report 2019

The Foodservice Distributors Report is a detailed research report highlighting 50 foodservice distributors’ websites. The report ranked US Foods #1 scoring a total of 97.5 points out of 100 total points. US Foods is an American foodservice distributor partnering with approximately 250,000 restaurant and foodservice operators including hospitals, hotels, and universities nationwide. Their exclusive brands, diverse services, and dedicated customer service reflect the company’s commitment to delivering quality and delicious food to each of their customers.

US Foods Case Study: Exceptional Website, Geo-Targeted Content, and “Great Food” Page

US Foods was the clear winner in Evolve Systems®’ research report because it met each criteria category that constructs a strong website and digital presence. US Foods’ website had clear navigation with unmistakable articulated values, it included geo-targeted content to personalize the experience for each visitor, and it maintained a current news page, “Great Food”, with various topics.

Exceptional Website

US Foods website

US Foods was ranked #1 because of its visual, digital, and technological advancements demonstrated across each page and through other marketing initiatives. US Foods’ website presents engaging, searchable, secure, and social content in a modern way.

One example was the website navigation that presented important pages bolded on the left navigation panel, along with the secondary pages listed below. Furthermore, when those pages are visited, they are organized so each subcategory is listed with a picture and a banner title. This makes viewing the site straightforward but also appealing in order to compel the user to explore more of the site beyond their intended purpose of visiting.

In addition, US Foods clearly articulated its values throughout the website by maintaining its customer-first mentality. To accompany the important pages on the navigational panel, a short snippet about the page is included which is voiced in a way that shows the benefit to the user. Also, each CTA preserves the company’s brand voice to be thoughtful and helpful.

Geo-Targeted Content

Us Foods geo-targeted website content

US Foods’ website also provided valuable, personalized content for visitors according to their geographical location. For example, Evolve Systems® is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, therefore the content presented on the first page was specific to Minnesota. It presented information on how US Foods benefits the Minnesota area and in extension, how US Foods can benefit your Minnesota-based food company. By altering the content so it is specific to the visitor’s location, it makes US Foods feel individualized and caring to each consumer.

“Great Food” Page

Us Foods 'Great Food' page

Great Food is a US Foods’ news page covering topics from recipes, food trends, and restaurant concepts. The goal of the page is, as US Foods states, “our passion is providing you with great food and insight, designed to inspire your menu.” Between the range of topics and formats (recipes, articles, videos, etc.), Great Food is a great resource for both customers and visitors.

For example, the Fall Scoop magazine overview curates recipe inspirations with global flavors. The list includes fall recipes from Asian cuisine, Latin American cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Southern cuisine. And of course, each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful photograph and banner title, following US Foods’ brand style.

These examples are just a few of the features that make US Foods rank first among its foodservice distributors’ competitors. US Foods demonstrates clear dedication to building and maintaining an advanced website that meets its goals and exceeds its customers’ expectations. Between the website’s easy navigation and constant value messaging, personalized geo-targeted content, and Great Food inspirations, US Foods’ websites should be held as an industry standard.

The full Foodservice Distributors Report can be downloaded below.