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Evolve Systems

Evolve Systems

Why We Evolved Our Brand

Over the past few years, we hit some incredible goals and made some big changes; we found ourselves evolving. Because of this, our branding no longer matched who we were and where we wanted to go. It was time to take our own advice and rebrand our business!

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The Opportunity

Aligning Our Brand With Our New Who


As we reflected on our goals and team, it was clear that it was time to follow our five-step process and revisit our first step, design. This is the process of matching our brand with our voice, culture, mission, and vision.

Our branding no longer showcased who Evolve was, and a rebrand was the solution. The main goals of our rebrand were to better align with our:

  • Culture and team
  • Tone of voice
  • Service offerings
  • Industry leadership
  • Agency business focus

Overall, our rebranding goals were to authentically reflect who we are, what we do, and how we want our clients to feel when working with us.

“When your brand is out of alignment, your messaging becomes muddied and confusing, creating problems both internally and externally for your company. Engaging in a rebrand begins with an internal team focus on clarity around your values, goals, and mission. This, in turn, translates to consistent and authentic messaging that clearly communicates your brand to your customers, building loyalty and trust.”

– Alison Brueggemann, Art Director at Evolve Systems

The Solution

Internalizing Our Rebranding Process


As a branding agency, we followed the same advice and education we provide our clients during their strategy and rebranding process. We took each step as a way to discover, identify, and clarify our new brand.

  1. Reflecting on our business pivots and defining our future goals
  2. Building up our culture and earning the collective support of our team
  3. Revisiting and reworking our core values and mission
  4. Defining our new tone of voice and messaging
  5. Creating a new visual identity including logo system and collateral
  6. Developing a new website that showcased our leadership and services that would engage our target audience
  7. Constructing and executing a launch and roll-out strategy

As we suggest to our clients, a rebrand is an exciting and unique opportunity for putting your business on the big screen. To build hype around our rebrand, our roll-out plan focused on highlighting the process and outcome.

  • Creating rebranded collateral including marketing and sales material
  • Internally launching our new website, brand, and logo
  • Hosting a launch event for our clients, vendors, and partners to express our appreciation for trusting us to evolve their businesses
  • Developing a marketing strategy that integrated our rebrand and business goals

During the entire process, we focused on team awareness and alignment. Every team member has uniquely contributed to where Evolve is today and the reason why we’ve been able to accomplish so much. It was especially important that everyone was not only on board, but to truly understand the purpose. It was the team’s excitement and commitment to the rebrand that made our launch possible.

“We talk to our clients often about a holistic marketing approach that aligns with their business goals. And your brand is the source of your business alignment. For us, a clear visual refresh allows our marketing to more easily evolve into who we truly are and want to be. Our new brand is a stepping stone to a better future.”

– Heidi Conklin, Marketing Manager at Evolve Systems

The Result

Evolving to Better Grow Our Clients


The rebranding process was a time to fully embrace our evolution. Our entire team dug deep and put in the hard work because we knew it would be worth it. We invested in ourselves so we could better serve our clients and grow their businesses. We set goals that would positively impact our clients. Together, our team achieved our goals and in the process created even more.

A few of the short-term goals we accomplished include:

  • Team building and growth
  • Culture enrichment
  • Inter-department alignment and transparency
  • Process improvements
  • Audience clarification
  • Service and offering specification
  • Marketing opportunities and verticals

In addition to the continued investment in the goals above, our long-term rebranding goals include:

  • Expand our target audience
  • Magnify our team and expertise
  • Build brand recognition

A rebrand is an ongoing program; it requires the continued commitment and work of the team to successfully uphold the brand. For us, the next steps include:

  • Widening our marketing materials and messaging to spread the word about our new brand
  • Embodying and implementing our brand, both internally and externally
    • How we serve and grow our clients
    • How we work and support each other
    • How we talk about our services and team
  • Never stop evolving!

“The brand you create is an extension of your personal dedication to your clients and team. We’ve invested in our team; we work daily on creating a positive and healthy culture and we wanted a brand to reflect this feeling. Not only is it a reflection of the services we provide but also our community and online reputation.”

– Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, CEO at Evolve Systems

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