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Does your brand tell your current story?

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Beginning your rebrand can be a stressful and confusing process. To set yourself up for success, our rebranding checklist outlines what to consider when rebranding your business. A strategic starting point makes sure your business goals are clear and are carried throughout the entire rebranding process. Complete the checklist’s steps and questions and your new rebrand is right around the corner!


of consumers need to trust a brand before buying from them 1


of customers spend more money on brands they are loyal to 2

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    Why would a business want to rebrand?

    A brand is the personality and identity of your business – the thing your audience sees and connects with when working with you. As your business grows, your branding needs to evolve alongside it. An outdated or inaccurate brand can create a disconnect between you and your ideal customers.

    Has your audience or services changed?

    If your clients or customers have shifted or your services or products have changed, rebranding allows you to better engage your target audience and market your elevated offerings.

    Have your values or mission changed?

    Proudly showcase your refreshed values and mission with a brand that encompasses your new direction. An authentic appearance provides an understanding of what it means to work with your business.

    Does your brand meet digital standards?

    As technology has evolved, so have people’s digital expectations. If your brand doesn’t comply with modern standards, you could be losing out on a large sector of potential customers or clients.

    Have you run into poor publicity?

    If you are experiencing a rough patch, a rebrand allows you a fresh start. Give your business the opportunity to reposition yourself by reevaluating and redoing your brand.

    Rebranding case study

    See the Rebranding Checklist in Action

    The questions included in the checklist are the same we ask our clients when starting their rebranding process. And, it was the same steps we walked ourselves through when rebranding Evolve Systems. Take a look at what opportunities a rebranding strategy can build for your business.

    “When your brand is out of alignment, your messaging becomes muddied and confusing, creating problems both internally and externally for your company. Engaging in a rebrand begins with an internal team focus on clarity around your values, goals, and mission. This, in turn, translates to consistent and authentic messaging that clearly communicates your brand to your customers, building loyalty and trust.”

    Alison Brueggemann Art Director at Evolve Systems

    Time to Start Your Rebranding Process!

    Evolve Systems is a full-service digital, creative, and technology agency that is driven by the passion to evolve our clients’ business. Our suite of digital services, including branding, website development, and marketing, are developed using data-informed and business-specific strategies to provide a comprehensive rebranding plan that will make your business stand out.

    Download Your Checklist

    Get your rebranding checklist by filling out the form.

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