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How Google Maps Can Benefit Your Business

Why is Google Maps important for businesses?

The year 2020 marked Google Maps 15 year anniversary! To celebrate, Google Maps added some new features, enhanced its services, and changed its logo. Google Maps has evolved over the years from a simple virtual map to a place to explore local businesses, plan your detailed commute, and uncover new suggested locations. The platform is more than a map, it is a place of discovery.

One of the 2020 updates included adding an ‘Explore’ tab which allows users to quickly and easily search nearby businesses and services and view their information such as ratings, reviews, or images. The explore tab allows users to discover new local places all from one single platform.

With over 1 billion Google Map users, this opens the possibility for businesses to connect with a huge audience.

5 Ways Google Maps Can Benefit Businesses

From searching for nearby restaurants to locating a car repair shop to finding the best cocktail in town, Google Maps serves all needs. Google Maps pulls information from Google My Business where your business can set up its free Business Profile on Google and fill out a complete listing of your business’s key information. This data is then used to populate the local listings displayed on Google Maps for users.

Offering updated and comprehensive information allows Google Maps to showcase your business to users and drive brand awareness and conversions. Below are five ways Google Maps can benefit your business.

1. Google Maps Helps People Find Your Business

As mentioned, Google Maps largest asset is it allows people to find your business. The local search capabilities allow Google Maps to pin and list businesses that relate to the user’s search. The user then can easily view their options before making a decision to visit or contact the business, which Google Maps makes simple. Google Maps acts as both a search engine to find the business users are searching for, and then as a map to direct users to that location.

This is especially important since 30% of all mobile searches are location-based, meaning Google Maps is a critical driver of mobile traffic.

2. Google Maps Allows People to Quickly Contact Your Business

When users view your listing on Google Maps, the platform provides a comprehensive index of your business which includes your company’s phone number. And since a majority of Google Maps searches are performed by phone, they are able to call your business with just one tap. Since people use Google Maps to make a decision, e.g. where to find donuts or locate a nearby clothing department, the platform provides users with the ability to efficiently contact the business. This makes it easy for users to take the next step and businesses to connect with potential customers.

3. Google Maps Encourages People to Visit Your Website

In addition to providing a business’ phone number, Google Maps also highlights the website. For users trying to make a decision or explore options, this feature allows them to quickly visit your site to learn more about your business in a single tap. The Google Maps platform is a huge driver for website traffic.

Of course, this means your website needs to be equipped for the mobile screen to support this traffic. Click here to learn more about mobile optimization.

4. Google Maps Displays Your Business with Images

Users nowadays are infatuated with images, they appeal to the visual representation of your business. From images your business offers to photos shared by consumers, Google Maps curates a visual showcase of your business as a sneak peek of the business products/services to what the storefront/interior looks like in order to entice them to visit. In fact, listings that include photos receive 42% more direction requests and 35% more website clicks.

Click here to learn more about how imagery can impact your business.

5. Google Maps Offers Customer Credibility

Nothing builds brand trust than the confirmation from others, and the most successful way to do this is through reviews. Google Maps displays reviews in order to provide a complete profile of the business so the user can make an informed decision. Encouraging consumers to leave reviews on Google Maps allows other potential customers to gain trust in your business and prompt conversions.

Google Maps is a powerful tool for businesses, from building brand awareness to generating conversions, the platform offers numerous benefits for businesses.

To guarantee your business is properly listed for optimal Google Maps results, get in touch with our team! From SEO management to website maintenance, we can ensure your business is using Google Maps, and other important platforms, to their full potential.

Karlee Onstad
Karlee Onstad

Marketing Coordinator at Evolve Systems®

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