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7 Blog Posts on the Foodservice Distributors Report 2019

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Evolve Systems® conducted extensive research on 50 foodservice distributors’ websites and marketing capabilities. As technology advances, the need to meet modern digital criteria is necessary in order to effectively reach your audience and compete among your industry. Evolve Systems® discovered a general lack of up-to-date digital capacities among the foodservice distribution industry and recognized the need for improvement. Below is the link to the official Foodservice Distributors Report as well as highlights from the findings. The blog posts below highlight best-in-class foodservice distributors.

Foodservice Distributors Report download

1. Foodservice Distributors Report 2019

To access the full report, please follow this link, fill out the form, and download the report. The report outlines the companies that were analyzed, how the criteria was measured, and the final ranking.

US Foods website

2. US Foods Ranked #1

US Foods was ranked number 1 among the 50 analyzed companies, with a score of 97.5. US Foods excelled in all of the areas that were scored in the report. They used modern technology on their website and took advantage of modern marketing channels to drive traffic to their website. View this blog to learn more about US Foods’ score.

UNFI website

3. UNFI Ranked #2

UNFI was ranked number 2 with a total score of 95.5. The company demonstrated high-quality capabilities that set their website and marketing above the other analyzed foodservice distributors.

Sysco website case study

4. Case Study: Sysco

The report highlighted Sysco for its dedicated food blog website, Sysco Foodie, that reflected trending website and marketing initiatives. The case study focuses on Sysco’s original recipes, creative food-related tips & trends, and aesthetic social media CTAs.

Baldor website case study

5. Case Study: Baldor Specialty Foods

The report featured Baldor Specialty Foods for its commitment to both the environment and its customers that was consistent throughout the site. The case study focuses on the website’s inclusion of each farm’s products, encouragement for visitors to “Pledge Local,” and weekly updates on seasonal foods.

Gordon website case study

6. Case Study: Gordon Food Service

The report spotlights Gordon Food Service for its outstanding use of modern and innovative visuals. The case study details Gordon’s use of food photography, GIFs, and a branded Instagram to bring attention to their website.

US Foods website case study

7. Case Study: US Foods

The report emphasizes US Foods for its overall excellence for both their website and marketing capabilities. The case study concentrates on US Foods’ navigational- and value-oriented website, geo-targeted content, and its current news page, “Great Food.”

These blogs provide insight on what the Foodservice Distributors Report 2019 covers and the importance of maintaining a modern website and using modern marketing methods.

Interested in learning more about the report or how to improve your website and marketing capabilities? Fill out the form below! We look forward to hearing from you.