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Orchards of Minnetonka

Orchards of Minnetonka

Orchards of Minnetonka is a senior living community providing leading care with an environment that fosters active, vibrant living. Their array of senior living options and services cater to the individual needs of each resident so they and their loved ones are assured and excited about the future.

Evolve Systems started a partnership with Orchards of Minnetonka when the building was still under construction. With such a competitive market, Orchards of Minnetonka needed to jumpstart their digital marketing strategy to ensure occupancy before their grand opening.

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Full Program


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Senior Living


The Opportunity

Top-Quality Senior Care Partnered With Top-Rated Marketing


Orchards of Minnetonka’s primary goal was to build a simple, informative, and engaging website while providing robust analytics so that targeting and occupancy decisions could be data-driven. By partnering with a full-service agency early on, they initiated a long-term digital strategy to heighten their online presence while gearing up for future marketing plans.

Over the years, Orchards of Minnetonka’s website and marketing strategies have evolved to their changing business goals and needs.

  • Initial website platform to attract residents
  • Compete with nearby senior living communities
  • Fill occupancy year over year across different living options
  • Engage potential prospects and their loved ones
  • Offer a caring and on-brand experience
The Solution

Digital Strategies for Every Stage of the Their Growth


Step 1: Website Development

The website launch aligned with the community’s construction schedule by first featuring architectural drawings and live construction cameras during the beginning stages. Following the progression of the community, Orchards of Minnetonka successfully promoted their new senior living location and connected with potential residents before their doors even opened.

Orchards of Minnetonka’s website included:

  • Modern design catered to an older audience
  • Key service and amenity differentiators
  • Values and mission for high-level senior care
  • On-brand voice, tone, and visuals 
  • Local SEO for competitive organic ranking

Step 2: Marketing Services and Website Support

Once the site launched, residents settled in, and everything was running smoothly, Orchards of Minnetonka started their ongoing marketing partnership. 

Senior living in Minnesota is a competitive environment. To attract future residents and keep their occupancy rates consistent, they rely on strategic, cross-platform marketing, including:

  • Google Ads
  • On-page copy and content updates
  • Page creations and expansions
  • Local search SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Frontend and backend SEO

Ongoing Measurement and Reporting

Each month, Orchards of Minnetonka receives a detailed website and ad report. The team can clearly understand and view the changes in their website and ad performance attributed to recent marketing efforts and ongoing recommendations.

The Result

A Well-Known Senior Living Community On and Offline


The proactive approach to the website allowed Orchards of Minnetonka to establish credibility in the senior living space and led to a successful launch. As their website and marketing strategies evolved with their growing community, they’ve experienced tremendous online results.

For example, within 6 months Orchards of Minnetonka’s digital strategies evolved their website, including:



Total Users


Organic Traffic



Similarly, the Orchards of Minnetonka’s Google ads continue to drive quality traffic to the site, quickly escalating their online conversions. Within a little more than a year span, the ads’ average metrics include:

Phone Calls / Month


Clickthrough Rate


Session Duration



"Working with the team at Evolve has been such a pleasure. Their communication, tools, and reporting are above and beyond. Also, their customer service and responsiveness are top-notch. Oh yeah, and the results speak for themselves. Excellence all around - and a bonus, they are local and in our backyard. Thank you Evolve Team!! I appreciate partnering with you and our Orchards community as well as the other Ebenezer communities we support together."

Kirk Goetz Corporate Marketing Consultant

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